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Never mind Richard Karn's lame show; THIS is a REAL Family Feud! Ten families of four race for $1,000,000. Who will be the first to cross the finish line? And, more importantly, will anyone mutter, "Are we there yet?"

For more information and current standings, visit GSNN's Amazing Race Log!

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Hayma Screech Washington
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"Go Mommy, Go! We Can Beat Them! - Leg 1" - September 27


It took many, many, many renditions of The Amazing Race to return to where it all began...but our host Phil Keoghan is back in the Big Apple. Specifically, he's in Brooklyn where he awaits a record FORTY Racers. That's because this ain't no ORDINARY Amazing Race. THIS Amazing Race is all about one thing: family.

The ferries arrive with the ten families of four. That's right: no long-distance friends, no roommates, no teams from reality-show past. Every one of the four-person teams are related, either by blood or by marriage. And they are:

THE GAGHAN FAMILY - Bill (father, 40), Tammy (mother, 42) Carissa (daughter, 9) and Billy (son, 12): From Glastonbury, Connecticut, these guys can RUN. The adults run marathons, the kids race each other. Hell, Carissa can do a mile in seven minutes!

THE LINZ FAMILY - Tommy (brother, 19), Megan (sister, 21), Alex (brother, 22) and Nick (brother, 24): From Cincinnati, OH, this brothers-and-sister-act joke around constantly and are as tight-knit as a family can be (their parents have been together for 28 years).

THE PAOLO FAMILY - Tony (father, 52), Marion (mother, 52), D.J. (son, 24) and Brian (son, 16): From Carmel, NY, Tony's a sanitation worker who moved from Italy at age 12 and claims to be "living the American dream". DJ seems a little spoiled...but they seem tight.

THE BLACK FAMILY - Reggie (father, 42), Kimberly (mother, 40), Kenneth (son, 11) and Austin (son, 8): From Woodbridge, Virginia, this family is the most aptly named (given their African-American). The parents are teachers and the boys know tae kwon do. Austin, the youngest Racer, hopes to get ahead by his cuteness.

THE BRANSEN FAMILY - Walter (father, 51), Elizabeth (daughter, 25), Lauren (daughter, 22) and Lindsay (daughter, 20): From Park Ridge, IL, the elderly papa and his three "little girls" get by with teasing wach other...particularly the girls teasing "Walder".

THE WEAVER FAMILY - Linda (mother, 46), Rebecca (daughter, 19), Rachel (daughter, 16) and Rolly (son, 14): From Ormond Beach, FL, this is the sympathetic vote. See, the father died on the race track while cleaning debris during a race and they're hoping to bond more during this Race.

THE AIELLO FAMILY - Tony (father, 57), Kevin (son-in-law, 31), Matt (son-in-law, 31) and David (son-in-law, 26): From Mansfield, Massachusetts, the father of three daughters Races with the husbands of said what better way to bond that by going on a long, gruelling Race?

THE SCHROEDER FAMILY - Mark (father, 40), Char (mother, 39), Stassi (daughter, 17) and Hunter (son, 15): I stand corrected. Given that THIS family is from New Orleans, maybe THEY'RE the sentimental faves...though the Race probably ended before Katrina came through. Still, the girl is gothy and the boy says he'll eat small animals.

THE GODLEWSKI FAMILY - (all sisters) Michelle (42), Christine (37), Sharon (39) and Tricia (26): From Des Plaines, IL, they were never much-devoted sisters. They have very strong personalities...and, if they don't clash, I'll be VERY surprised.

THE ROGERS FAMILY - Denny (father, 46), Renee (mother, 42), Brittney (daughter, 22) and Brock (son, 19): from Shreveport, LA, this family's a patriarchy as Denny claims to be the boss. And they may be from the "Sow-eth" but they sure ain't hospitable!

You all know the rules by now: start with a Route Marker, go to a location, get ANOTHER Route Marker, go to THAT location, etc. En route, they run into DETOURs (where they'll have to choose between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons), ROAD BLOCKs (a task one team member must perform), FAST FORWARDs (where doing a task will send them straight to the PIT STOP) and maybe a YIELD or two (where one family can cause another to stop racing for a time). First family to cross the FINISH LINE wins that check with a one followed by six zeroes.

Phil meets our forty Racers at the harbor and explains the rules to the folks. There are a FEW changes in this special edition. There's no telling how many legs there are in total; only that there are seven elimination legs. Aside from not paying for airline tickets, the families will not have to pay for gasoline, either (I'm guessing that, since they'll probably be in SUVs a lot, they'll need to conserve all the money they can GET). Other than that, no different. Their first clues are with their luggage, they must read them and head for the marked SUVs (told ya) and drive into Manhattan across the famous Brooklyn Bridge. For then on, they're more-or-less on their own.

And, now, Phil's mantra: "The world is waiting for you. Good luck... travel safe.......GO!"

And the eighth Amazing Race is on!!

And the first clue for the families:
Head into Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge and go to Eastern Mountain Sports on SoHo (SOuth of HOuston Street). There, you must pick up four sleeping bags, four sleeping mats, four headlamps and a tent... as well as your next clue. You have $150 for this leg of the Race.

As expected, the first team to the SUVs are the well-conditioned Gaghans. They think "SoHo" is a nice place. (I guess when a place is surrounded by Greenwich Village, Chinatown and Little Italy, it's "nice"). The Weavers are a surprising second and peel out with a screech of excitement (hint: get used to this noise). One-by-one, the families depart for the streets of the smallest county in America.

Linda Weaver is praying to God to find the store. "Walder" Bransen gets his girls to buckle-up before departing. Local construction workers help out the Blacks. DJ Paolo is ALREADY yelling at his dad to put the pedal to the metal. And the Godlewski sisters are in dead last.

First miscue of the Race: Rebecca Weaver takes a wrong turn to the bridge. She DOES find the bridge...but goes the WRONG WAY. Oh, THIS is gonna be an interesting Race for sure with THEM in it! The sisters pass them and Rolly doesn't want "that old fart" to pass them.


The Gaghans are told from passers-by that they're close to the shop. The Aiellos...not so much. They nearly get into one of the hundreds of car accidents a month in the city. The Gaghans and Linzes meet up...and Tammy starts to bob and weave to keep the Linzes behind her. However, they both agree to work together at the shop. And, thus, the first "alliance" is born.

"Hiiiii," yells Christine Godlewski to a passer-by. "We’re trying to get to the town of SoHo!" (Insert "dumb blonde" joke here.) They get directions and head off...nearly running into the Schroeders. Char calls the "The Pink Ladies" because the sisters all wear pink. (Insert "Grease" reference here.) Rebecca Weaver is weaving through traffic, calling the drivers "crazy"! (Insert "Welcome to New @#$%in' York"comment here.) The Bransons and Rogers enjoy people-watching. The Black sons watch out the windows for the shop. And the Paolos...they argue with each other...A LOT! (Insert "Not another Jonathan & Victoria" eye-roll here!)

Anyhow, the Gaghans and Linzes arrive at the shop first, grab their gear and, in the processes, grab the next Route Marker:

Now go find a 'frank' on 91st between Park Street & Lexington Avenue (more than 90 city blocks away) to find your next clue.

The 'frank', of course, is a hot dog from one of the many, many venders that work in Manhattan. But what they DON'T know is that they'll also run into a bit of Amazing Race history: the vendors the teams are looking for are Kevin & Drew, aka the "Frat Bastards" from the first Race!

Both families make their way out of the store and back into their SUVs with all their equipment. As they haul, the Godlewskis arrive with the Schroeders right on their tailpipes. But...WHOOPS! Three of the sisters head for a bar adjacent to the store...until Tricia gets them on the straight and narrow. Both them and the New Orleans family go to get their clue.

The Paolos...well, we've all heard that Manhattan driving can bring out the worst in people...and if the Paolos don't prove it, NOTHING does! DJ is fuming, Tony is sighing behind the wheel, Marion tells DJ to shut up and Brian follows suit. Ayup...they obviously took lessons from Team Dom-Sub.

As they argue their way around the island, the Aiellos are fifth to get to the shop. The screeching Weavers and the quiet Bransens are right behind them. As all three head out to find the hot dog stand (the Weavers STILL screeching), the Rogers arrive. The Blacks are ninth to find the place.

The Paolos...they're lost in New York. (Insert "Home Alone" scream here). Finally, DJ - who once told his dad NOT to stop for directions - gets out and asks for directions. As such, they finally arrive at the dead last.

Through the graffiti-stricken streets, the families look for the hot dog stand. The Geghans and Godlewskis find the West Line Highway and take it downtown. The Schroeders are having issues as Mark taunts other drivers and wish he could block other teams with handicapped children...and Char appears to be getting a migraine. The Aiellos wonder what they're going to do with their new equipment, the Weavers see the Bransens pass them and Linda tells Rebecca (or is that Chewbacca) to "punch it". The Blacks are just taking in the sights of the big city since they haven't travelled much. And the Paolos...are STILL arguing! The boys yell at their Mom for asking if a Route Marker will be at their stop. And Marion replies, "You're so cute when you're angry."

Hey, you Linzes, git yer rat-feces-infested dawgs right 'ere at Frat Bastards' Dawg and Clue Cart! The Linzes have no time to chat with Kevin & Drew as they arrive in first. They simply get the next clue:

Drive yourselves across the Washington Bridge and head to Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania (roughly 97 miles through New Jersey), where Washington made his famous crossing of the Delaware during the Revolutionary War. At the overlook, you'll find your next clue.

The next one to get the clue is the "cute" (according to Drew) Carissa Gaghan. The Schroeders are next, followed closely by the Godlewskis, who actually think one of them will have to EAT a hot dog. Tony Aiello is next out to grab the clue...with Kevin thinking he'll have a heart attack before the Race is done. Two of the Bransen daughters are next...and Drew wouldn't mind being on THEIR team. The Rogers and Weavers both reach the Frat Bastards at about the same time. The Blacks are a bit far behind. And the Paolos...well, y'know...

Now, are they REALLY going to the STATE of Pennsylvania?! That's the probing question on the minds of several of the female Racers. Linda Weaver and Megan Rogers, to be exact. The Gaghans, however, stay on I-95 south...and Carissa gets some sleep by leaning on Bill's shoulder. Awwwww...

Anyway, the Paolos reach the hot dog stand in last...and younger son Brian recognizes Kevin & Drew and tells them they're the best as he makes off with the clue. The Frat Bastards' work is done. Go pick up the appearance check from Viacom, guys.

"YAN-KEES SUCK! YAN-KEES SUCK!" chants the Bahstin-neighbored Aiellos as they drive past The House That Steinbrenner Ruined. (Despite BEING a native Noo-Yawka, I'd have to agree with them 100%.) They, the Bransens and the Weavers all get directions from the same rest-stop cashier and head off.

Linda Weaver...doesn't know Pennsylvania's a STATE?! And she's a @#$%IN' TEACHER?!? (Oy...MUST be from Florida; most Floridian students can't even find FLORIDA on a map!) They ask a trucker for his map and directions. And, before leaving, Linda goes into Jehovah's Witness Mode with the trucker. (I'm sure the daughters and son are hiding their faces right about now.)

It's the LINZES who are lost now. They can't even get directions at a rest stop because...well,'s closed. The Gaghans decide to finally ask directions at a major convenience store chain. Needless to say, all ten teams eventually find their way down I-95, across the Garden State (as quickly as possible, I hope) and on towards...


Oddly enough, it's the Aiellos who arrive at the overlook first, with the Bransens hot on their tails. The eight Racers...well, they race to the Route Marker, which is located very close to a number of rowboats. Kevin states, "We’re probably going to cross the Delaware, guys!" And, wouldn't you know it,...:

Pick a boat and cross the Delaware River just as Washington did during the Revolutionary War. Each boat has a Washington impersonator aboard (though he won't be rowing, just giving directions). Head for the Jersey shore where the Route Marker is. Once there, one member must grab a 13-star flag and return to the boat. Then you must row back here and take part in a flag-folding ceremony before receiving your next clue. By the way, as you can see, there are only FOUR boats. One team per boat, first come-first serve.

It ain't exactly Oxford vs. Cambridge, but the Aiellos and the Bransens row their impersonators across the mighty Delaware. The father and daughters get stuck on a sandbar...and the father and sons-in-law get directions AWAY from the sandbar and take a huge lead as Walter pushes them off. David Aiello, an ex-Marine, is thrilled to be re-enacting the crossing and grabbing the Betsy Ross-sewn (allegedly) flag. As they head back tp the Penn side, one of the Bransen girls gets out of the boat to grab their own flag.

Meanwhile, back on I-95, the Schroeders make the terrible mistake of following the sisters Godlewski, who have zero-point-nada idea where they're going and are tickled pink (I know...lousy pun) that the Schroeders are following them. When the "traditional" family pulls up beside the girls and find out that THEY'RE lost, Sharon turns right around and hauls in the opposite direction, not wanting to get more lost...but, in fact, doing just that because NOBODY in the SUV know where the hell they are!

The Aiellos are a bunch of twelve-yead-olds, talking about "stroking it hard" and "stroking it all you want" as if they were in a Billy Squier video. Of course, they're a little better off than the way "Walder" treats his "little girls", yelling at them to row faster as not to drift. As the two families head for home, the Rogers - who made up a HELLUVA lot of time after escaping New York - arrive and get their clue. In fourth, a few minutes behind, are the Weavers.

The Gaghans still have little idea where they're going...until they spy four boats out on the river they're just heading across. Hey, those look like four families of four rowing Washington across the...THE DELAWARE! THAT'S IT! They get to the overlook and, upon reading the clue, little Billy says he'll do the rowing. Uh,...Earth to dude...this ain't a ROAD BLOCK!

The Aiellos finally arrive and, as they surrender their vessel to the Gaghans, they go to the flag-folding ceremony, which is usually conducted at day's end. It brings a tear to David's eye as the military folk fold the flag up. And, for their patience, they get the next clue:

Drive yourselves to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (about 34 miles away...yes, DRIVE there) and make your way to Fairmount Park. You will camp for the night at Belmont Plateau (hence the camping equipment you picked up in NYC). A group of Eagle Scout will watch you assemble your tents and will hand out departure times based on how fast you get your tent up. The departure times will be 10am, 10:30am and 11am.

As the Aiellos depart for the "Iladel" and the Bransens arrive on shore, the Rogers and Weavers cast off for Joisey, the confused Gaghans close behind. The Schroeders SOMEHOW find the place...but they're none to happy with the prospect of rowing. Stassi is a particular shade of pale. They take the boat left by the Bransens and head for the other side.

The Rogers and Weavers reach the shore at about the same time. They grab the flags and...uh,...what the heck is Rebecca Weaver doing swimming alongside the boat? Well, anyhow, both teams get back to the starting point and depart to Philly. Though the Rogers leave first, their confusion about how to get the Philly causes the Weavers to hoot and holla as they pass them.

The Gaghans are fifth to leave the crossing, Carrisa holding in her breakfast. They are very supportive of each other (which does NOT make good reality TV, I'm sure you know). As the Schroeders finish the rowing and head back out to I-95, who should arrive but the Blacks? Papa Reggie is none too happy about this task since he's not sure his young boys can hack the rowing part.

Meanwhile, in the middle of Jersey, the Godlewskis are wondering if they'll EVER find the place before dark. The Linzes finally decide to get a map and find that they're about 45 minutes from the crossing. And the Paolos...they seem to be nowhere NEAR I-95...but at least they're relatively quiet this time.

But there's still hope for those poor lost teams; the Blacks are definitely NOT good rowers! Their boat and oars look like an octopus with Restless Leg Syndrome. As Reggie figured, little Austin seems to be rowing in reverse, throwing them WAY off course. Their Washington gets them organized and the four finally start to head in the right direction.


Well, it seems the Aiellos are the first to reach the Eagle Scout Jamboree and start to set up their equipment. As the Bransens and Rogers get lost en route, the screaming Weavers get to the park in second. As Rachel predicts her family passing the Aiellos, up comes the Gaghans (who SOMEHOW found their way to Philly easily). The Bransens, upset that they were beaten to the camp, arrive in fourth...and it's a tent-pitching race for the best departure time! But it's the Aiellos and Weavers who finish first, each getting the coveted 10am departure time.

WHOOPS! The Bransens has one of their support stakes in the wrong place. That little mishap cost them a few minutes in assembling...and a half-hour in departing as the Gaghans finish third and get the last 10am ticket. As such, the father and daughters end up in fourth and get the first 10:30am ticket.

Back at the Delaware, the Blacks FINALLY get across and the frustrated boys run out to grab the flag. As they start heading back, the Godlewskis finally arrive. Their rowing is FAR better organized than the Blacks' and the two ship pass in the...afternoon. The Blacks hit the beach, get the flag folded and book for Philly in seventh. The ladies work like a well-oiled...boat and hit the highway in eighth.

Well, well, well...the Linzes finally arrive. Megan wants to prove she can be just as good at physical activities as her brothers. And she proves not synchonizing with her bros. Still, they manage to get the flag and get back to Penn...JUST as the Paolos arrive. And it appears the yelling in the SUV doesn't seem to end in the dingy for this family. (Talk about putting the 'fun' back in 'dysfunctional'!)

The Rogers are next to the park...and the teams already there offer to help them with the building (which, I guess, is not against the "Rules of the Race"). As the Schroeders arrive and start their pitching, the Rogers (sans "Princess" Brittney) finish in fifth and get a 10:30am departure. The Schroeders make a mess of their building but, thanks to the help of other families, they finish in sixth, leaving at 10:30.

The Paolos...they try to rush the flag-folding ceremony. Or at least Marion does while the males keep her quiet. They get their clue...they run for the SUV...and they haul ass...WITHOUT THEIR CLUE!! And, when they hit the highway, they argue as to who HAS the clue. When they find out they DON'T, DJ mutters, "Un-friggin'-believable!" THEN they argue about going back and getting the clue. They seem to forget that the "Rules of the Race" puts a penalty on those who don't arrive at the PIT STOP with ALL clues collected during a leg.

Back in Philly, the Blacks arrive and, like the rest, get help with setting up the tent. And why not? The Blacks and all families after can't get any better than 11am. When the sisters Godlewski arrive, they get the same return for cookies. (Minds out of the gutter, boys! Chocolate chip cookies!) Same with the Linzes, who are glad as all hell that they're not last.

The Paolos...they ARE last. But they DO get the clue back before hitting the park. You'd think that the LAST thing they'd want is help of ANY kind from the other teams...but they seem to be happy to let everyone else do their dirty work for them. They get the last 11am starting time...and we're left to wonder what happened to DJ and Brian in the Boy Scouts that left them as such @$$holes!

10am: Aiellos, Weavers and Gaghans
10:30am: Bransens, Schroeders and Rogers
11am: Blacks, Linzes, Godlewskis and Paolos

YIELD later in the leg!

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