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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a hectic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
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Web www.cbs.com/amazingrace
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I Love Monkeys!
March 10 - Leg 4

PREVIOUSLY ON THE AMAZING RACE...nine teams travel from the warm South Pacific to the colder climes of Phil Kheoghan's home town of Christchurch, New Zealand. Once there, they drove jet boats and, while most drove rally racers, one team opted to go fishing for a while. David & Connor (Team Ribbon Wearers) used the EXPRESS PASS gifted to them to pass up the DETOUR and go straight to the ROADBLOCK where Connor ran a filthy "Shemozzle" obstacle course. The team arrived at the PIT STOP in first and won the prize...but they find out it's a "GAS & GO PIT STOP" and they must keep Racing. But David's Achilles tendon is torn and he's not sure he can continue. As he ponders this, more teams are approaching. Nine teams remain...WHO...SHALL NOT...PASS!...NEXT?! (Sorry...couldn't help myself.)



What to do, what to do? David's leg has become more and more painful as the Leg went on. Will he & Connor eliminate themselves immediately after winning the third Leg?

Well,...David says that winning this Leg has given him a bit of confidence. They didn't give up while having cancer...they were NOT giving up now! Phil happily hands them the first clue for Leg 4, which reads as follows:



Drive yourselves to the airport and then fly over 4000 miles to Bali, Indonesia. Once you land, travel to Monkey Forest. Once there, choose a coconut and give it to a monkey who will then show you your next clue.

Well, a pressurized cabin MAY not help the leg...but, heck, at least he can rest it. As they take off, Jessica & John (Team Macklemore/Babe) check-in in 2nd...and take off again. They want to remain strategic in this Race. Bates & Anthony (Team Goons) are third, with Pam & Winnie (Team Scrappers) RIGHT behind them in fourth. Joey & Meghan (Team Cute Activate!) are fifth...Caroline & Jennifer (Team Cowboy Descendants) are sixth...Mona & Beth (Team Rollergames) are seventh with Max & Katie (Team Honeymooners) right behind them in eighth...and, as it is a GAS & GO PIT STOP, it is also the first N.E.L. (Non-Elimination Leg) of the Race, so Chuck & Wynona (Team Roll Tide!) get to keep rolling.

But Max & Katie are the REAL strategic ones; instead of booking to the airport, they go up TO this world-renowned adventure retreat and ask to use a phone to call a travel agency about flights to Bali. They find that the fastest flight to Bali goes through Perth, Australia and lands at 8:35am. So they book the flight and head for the travel agency to pick up the tix. AT said teavel agency, Dave & Connor likewise find out about the 8:35-arriving flight and book it.


Pam & Winnie travel straight to the airport to find flights on an online computer. They find the same flight and book it. Other teams start arriving at the airport for flights to Bali and learn they must go to a travel agency to get the tix. And at said agency, some find the same flight and, when that's apparantly booked, others find a flight through Singapore that arrives...at 12:05pm. Joey & Meghan, Jessica & John and Mona & Beth hold to their alliance and try to book the same flight. But Team Rollergames may not be able to get on the flight...but a flight connects through Sydney and Kuala Lampur that arrives in Bali at the same time. So they book that...as does Chuck & Wynona...as does Bates & Anthony.

TEAMS ARRIVING AT 0835: Honeymooners, Ribbon Wearers, Cowboy Descendants and Scrappers
TEAMS ARRIVING AT 1205 (via Kuala Lampur): Rollergames, Goons and Roll Tide!
TEAMS ARRIVING AT 1205 (via Sinagapore): Macklemore/Babe and Cute Activate!

And, using a highly outdated reference, everyone is like Crosby and Hope and are on the Road to Bali!


In the capital so nice it makes up the entirety of the city-state, Teams Macklemore/Babe and Cute Activate! arrive to catch their connecting flight...but ALSO to find a FASTER flight. And they DO; one that arrives at 10:30am is open. So they'll actually be the second group to arrive at...


Ah, the Island of Peace...and Gods...and Love...and Hinduism. So many nicknames...it's the Chicago of Southeast Asia. It's also the island where, in the early morning, eight Americans land and find cabs to the Monkey Forest. Pam & Winnie are first out to the highways, followed by David & Connor in second, Max & Katie in third and Caroline & Jennifer bringing up the (decent-looking) rear. The girls even have a song prepared, which they sing for the cabbie en route to...


The teams arrive and tell their cabbies to wait on them as they enter the park. And, as befitting a park by that name, the monkeys are EVERYWHERE! The instructions are simple for the teams: take a coconut from a flagged cage, place it somewhere...and wait for a monkey to pick it up and open it for their clue. Uh,...yeah...simple...except that the monkeys are scared of the other tourists that walk by. But monkeys find Team Ribbon Wearer's and Team Scrapper's nuts and start to open them with their teeth. And, after a while, David & Connor scares their monkey, who drops the opened coconut...which has something rolled up inside. It's a mini-clue which is their next...



SANDY BOTTOM: Travel to the marked place by the Ayung river. Then place a basket on your head, delve into the river and scoop up volcanic sand from the bottom of said river into your basket. Once you feel you've filled enough, you must take the sand 200 yards uphill to the brickmaker and fill a bucket to a designated line. Once you have enough sand to fill the bucket, the brickmaker (who will USE the sand to make bricks) will hand you your next clue.

FRUITY TOP: Head to the marked Hindu shrine. Once there, use assorted fruits and leaves to make an elaborate religious offering known as a gebogan. When completed, it will be carried in a traditional manner to the Desa Puseh Temple where it will be blessed by a priest. After the blessing, you are to place it on the "Bali pongoon" whereby the priest will then hand you your next clue.

Well, since David cannot POSSIBLY haul sand up a 200-yard hill on that bum leg, he & Connor decide on FRUITY TOP and head out of the park. Other teams' cocnuts are being eaten up by the monkeys...but it's Team Honeymooners' nut that's cracked in second...and they choose FRUITY TOP as well. Pam & Winnie FINALLY get theirs and follow the others to the shrine in third. And Team Cowboy Descendants make it a clean sweep as they, too, choose TOP over BOTTOM.

AH, LOOK OUT! A PLANE'S LANDING ON THEM! Oh,...wait...it's just the second flight out of Singapore. Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan scramble out of the airport and heading to the Forest. When they arrive, Team Macklemore/Babe's monkey CARRIES the nut up into a tree...while Team Cute Activate!'s simian just munched it on the ground with Joey egging it on. Fortunately, the clue falls out of the nut and the tree so Jessica & John can leave for FRUITY TOP in fifth. Joey & Meghan grab THEIR clue in sixth and, likewise, head to make an offering out of fruit.

David & Connor are (again) feeling this might be their last leg...and they want to "smash it" and come out on top again. They arrive at the shrine, the other three teams arriving right behind them. The Americans get sarongs tied to their waists and look upon the "control group" gebogan. Pam has experience in model-making so she & Winnie concentrate on the base first. The teams gather their fruit and get to sticking them in the right places on their "offering".

3 1/2 hours behind the lead back and 95 minutes behind the fortunate second group, the last plane touches down in Bali and Bates & Anthony, Mona & Beth and Chuck & Wynona get in their own cabs. Aaaaaand, Team Goons' "super cabbie" ends up being super-CRAPPY as he's lost his way, allowing the others to reach the Forest ahead of them. "If we weren't last before, we are now," says Anthony, adding in a sarcastic tone, "Awesome." When Team Roll Tide!'s monkey spills the coconut on the floor, they pick up the clue and head for (where else?) FRUITY TOP in seventh. Team Rollergames' get the clue...and the bricklayer will FINALLY get so helpers as the roller derby moms choose SANDY BOTTOM since, as they say, they're good at "grunt work". It's a fair while before Bates & Anthony arrive and get THEIR clue, choosing SANDY BOTTOM as well...until their cabbie says he doesn't know where that is and, as such, they switch to FRUITY TOP.

Back at FURITY TOP, Pan & Winnie wince at how shody the other gebogans look compared to their meticulously-crafted fruit pyramid. Still, their offering is given the thumbs-up by the shrine maiden and they bring it out to the street to be carried to the temple. The maiden then gives a thumbs-DOWN to Team Cowboy Descendants' job...and a thumbs-UP to Team Ribbon Wearer's one. Team Scrappers' procession leaves (with the gebogan on another maiden's head) about a minute before the father-son team's does.

Pam & Winnie arrive at the temple, set down the offering, get the blessing by the priest, place the offering on a high stage and get this ADDED blessing from the priest in the form of a clue:



Make your way to Uluwatu Surf Beach on the Bukit Peninsula and search for your next clue.

They leave in first, but David & Connor are minutes behind them after their blessing and offering. As they depart, Max & Katie finish THEIR gebogan and walk it down the road. And just as Caroline & Jennifer get the thumbs-up for THEIRS, Team Macklemore/Babe arrive...somewhere...just...not where they're SUPPOSED to be. But,...they THINK it's where they're supposed to be and that the flowers and whatnot on the floor are PART of the gebogan. Ut oh. As Team Honeymooners and Team Cowboy Descendants leave the DETOUR in 3rd and 4th, Jessica & John make what they THINK is the offering...but then they find out they're in the wrong place! Good thing the RIGHT place isn't far from there; they're able to join Team Cute Activate! in making the PROPER offerings. John claims to be "anal retentive" so this task should be a breeze. And Joey & Meghan have experience making cosplay costumes and paying attention to detail so...same.

Meanwhile, Mona & Beth arrive at SANDY BOTTOM. They watch three locals demonstrate how to dig up the sand and put it in the basket on their heads. They slip a bit in the river sand but they're eager to get to work.


Pam & Winnie hold the lead as they arrive someplace above the beach. A Clue Box awaits them and, when they open the clue, it's their next...



One team member must head down to the Uluwatu's Ketut's Surf Shop and search the miriad of boards until you find one with something you've all encountered on the Race before (specifically, the Tahitian priest who blessed them in Bora Bora). Once you've found it, pick it up, find your teammate and run to the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race! You can ONLY be checked-in if you have the right board. Otherwise, you must return the board to the shop and find one with the RIGHT face on it.

WARNING: The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

Winnie decides to do the task. As she winds her way down the path to the shop, David & Connor arrive. Of course, Connor has to do this 'BLOCK (as he rapidly approaches the - presumably - seven-'BLOCK limit for this Race).

Winnie gets to the shop and looks through the (rather flimsy) surfboards. She knows it's not a specific DETOUR or ROADBLOCK because it's something EVERYONE met...which means a task EVERYONE had to do. She picks one out, saying that the guy on said board looks like the guy who blessed them in the South Pacific. As she runs back, Connor passes her and she directs him to the boards. Then Max & Katie arrive and Max decides to get "tubular", followed by Caroline.

Back at the DETOUR, Team Rollergames dumped about 30 or 40 pounds of sand into each of their baskets and start the long slog up the slope with the weight on their heads. Fortunately, the two baskets worth fill up the bucket ALMOST to the line, so it shouldn't be much of a to-do to polish it off. And at the OTHER half, Team Macklemore/Babe gets a thumbs-down from the maiden...and start to get annoyed. Jennifer says they should start from scratch. On the good side, Team Goons showed up at last...and was stoked that other teams were still there.

Back at the 'BLOCK, Winnie passed Connor again...while Connor is still looking for the right board. Winnie doesn't want to give Connor a clue about what he's looking for; she just wants to find Phil. But Connor sneaks a peek and FINDS the picture he's looking for. He grabs a similar board and books. Max finds one almost immediately with the "guy who married them". It's Connor who arrives back with his father and the two do a three-legged race to...



There's Phil and his Bali surfer greeter...and her comes Team Ribbon Wearers. Connor shows Phil the board...Phil confirms it is the RIGHT board...and, for the second Leg in a row, they are Team # 1! And their prize? Cold hard American CASH to the tune of five grand apiece! They feel they're going to go on and win...one "Leg" at a time.

Winnie finally finds her way back to Pam and they take off...but Max & Katie are on their tails. Team Scrappers are confirmed as Team # 2, their highest position yet. A minute later, Team Honeymooners check-in as Team # 3.

Back to the DETOUR. Wynona compares Chuck working on this to him working on his taxidermy. Bates & Anthony are playing catch-up...and Jessica & John quietly argue with each other about what exactly is wrong with their offering. Jennifer thinks theirs should be more like Team Cute Activate!'s one...but John tells her to concentrate on the example. Too bad...because Joey & Meghan gets the thumbs-up. This gets Team Macklemore/Babe freaking out. They U-TURN themselves and head for SANDY BOTTOM...and not even THINK about the EXPRESS PASS for now. Team Roll Tide! get their offering acceptable, leaving Team Goons alone. Joey & Meghan leave the DETOUR in 5th, Chuck & Wynona in 7th...

...and I mean "7th" because, at SANDY BOTTOM, Mona & Beth bring up their last baskets full of sand...and the brickmaker sends them to the ROADBLOCK in 6th, just minutes ahead of Team Roll Tide!

Caroline is still trying to find the right board...and decides on one that says "BALI" on it since they HAVE all "encountered" it. She grabs Jennifer, they go to Phil...and they get turned back! Caroline tries again, this time with a surfer sticker on the board. But, again, Phil sends them back...crying, no less. Good thing no one else has arrived yet...because Team Cute Activate! is at the wrong beach! And, since they let their cabbie go, they have to hoof it to the right beach nearby. Caroline sees "a guy" on a board and just takes it....passing by Chuck as he starts the ROADBLOCK...and Joey starting HIS. She & Jennifer are exhausted as they approach Phil...but Phil reminds them of what happened in Bora Bora and names them Team # 4!

Team Macklemore/Babe arrives at SANDY BOTTOM, with John CONFIDENT they can knock this task out quickly. Little do they know that Bates & Anthony have finished their offering and have departed in 8th from the DETOUR. They thought that, with Mona & Beth not there, they must have switched as well. Oh, snap. They fill up their baskets...and Jennifer "ow"s at her neck hurting. It takes another painful trip, though, for them to leave the DETOUR...in LAST! At least they still have the EXPRESS PASS...and, if anyone is still doing the ROADBLOCK when they arrive,...they'll still be in it.

As the sun starts to set on Bali, Team Rollergames arrives at the ROADBLOCK with Mona choosing for them. Three people scramble through the boards, looking for what they had all encountered. Chuck thinks it's a woman with a fruit basket on her head because, well, that's where he just was. As he looks for the road back to Wynona, Bates heads down for Team Goons. Joey picks one and heads back up...as does Mona. Bates actually HAS the right board in hand...but puts it back as he's "not positive". As Chuck gets lost, Team Cute Activate! locks in Team # 5. Beth & Mona are turned back...but not before Joey points out what Mona's looking for. Jessica & John finally arrive and John does the ROADBLOCK...despite there being three other teams.

Team Rollergames returns to Phil with the right board and are proclaimed Team # 6. Team Roll Tide! arrives...but are turned back...but not without Mona...just standing there and not saying a word. Bates has taken the right board after all and, after going all over the place, meets up with Anthony. They are Team # 7.

Chuck and John scramble through the boards. Chuck finds one...and takes off. John...doesn't stop looking, even though he could just hand the EXPRESS PASS to the owner and sprint with Jessica to the PIT STOP.

Chuck brings Wynona to Phil...

He turns the board around...

Phil checks the picture...



and names them Team # 8!!

The sun sets...and John still hasn't found what he's looking for. As he runs to Jennifer, she tells him that they're last. But...John refuses to give up and goes BACK to the shop. After an hour and fifteen minutes, John recognizes something. He brings the board and Jennifer to the PIT STOP...where Phil informs them that it's too little too late. They have become the first Amazing Race team EVER to be Philiminated while HOLDING an EXPRESS PASS! John doesn't regret what happened. He know they could've run this Leg better...but he says he doesn't NEED the million anyway. Jessica, however, feels this will haunt her for a good while. To know they had a way to keep from being Philiminated...and not use it...well, Phil says it best at the end of the ep:

"Oy vey!"



1) David & Connor** - EXPRESS PASS [gifted, used], Bangkok (+1)
2) Jessica & John - EXPRESS PASS (+1)
3) Max & Katie (+5)
4) Bates & Anthony** - London (-2)
5) Pam & Winnie (+5)
6) Joey & Meghan (-1)
7) Caroline & Jennifer (+1)
8) Mona & Beth (-1)
9) Chuck** & Wynona (-4)
ELIMINATED IN 10th) Idries & Jamil
ELIMINATED IN 11th) Matt & Daniel



1) David & Connor*** - EXPRESS PASS [gifted, used], Bangkok, $10G (EVEN)
2) Pam & Winnie* (+3)
3) Max* & Katie (EVEN)
4) Caroline* & Jennifer (+3)
5) Joey* & Meghan (+1)
6) Mona* & Beth (+2)
7) Bates & Anthony* - London (-3)
8) Chuck*** & Wynona (+1)
ELIMINATED IN 9th) Jessica & John - EXPRESS PASS [unused] (-7)
ELIMINATED IN 10th) Idries & Jamil
ELIMINATED IN 11th) Matt & Daniel

* = One ROADBLOCK more than partner
BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT IN LEG: Pam & Winnie and Caroline & Jennifer

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