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February 17 - Leg 1

Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a hectic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
Worldrace Productions
Amazing Race Productions
CBS Television Studios
ABC Studios
Web www.cbs.com/amazingrace
Airs 8p Sun, CBS

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Loose Lips Sink Ships
February 24 - Leg 2

PREVIOUSLY ON THE AMAZING RACE...eleven teams left the STARTING LINE in Los Angeles (naturally) and travelled to Bora Bora in French Polynesia. Once there, a double ROADBLOCK was met with: one team member parachuted from a helicopter while the other had to dig in the sand in the intense heat. Jessica & John (Team Macklemore/Babe) won the Leg and TWO EXPRESS PASSes with the instructiones to give the second one to ANOTHER team before the fourth Leg. The last three teams - Max & Katie (Team Honeymooners), Caroline & Jennifer (Team Cowboy Descendants) and Matt & Daniel (Team Hot Stuff) - decide to quit the second ROADBLOCK and just race to the mat. But it was the firefighters who capsized their canoe once too many times and ended up heading for home. Ten teams have just started their Race for the million...who will be Philiminated NEXT?!


In the "Pearl of the Pacific" in the middle of the night, the owners of the two "Get Out Of Task Free" cards rip 'n' read the first clue of the second Leg of the twenty-second Race:



Make your way by water taxi to Motu Toopua Nui, home to the spectacular Hilton Bora Bora Nui. Once there, search the grounds for a wedding chapel where you will receive a Polynesian blessing for safe travel from a local priest...as well as your next clue.

NOTE: The water taxi does not start service until 7:30am

Jessica & John are interested in how their alliance with four other teams will do...and hope the other teams don't find out about its existance. As it's nearly five hours before the first taxi departs, the other teams in the alliance - Chuck & Wynona (Team Roll Tide!), Pam & Winnie (Team Scappers), David & Connor (Team Ribbon Wearers) and Idries & Jamil (Team What's Up, Docs?) - join them and congratulate them, along with Bates & Anthony (Team Goons), Mona & Beth (Team Rollergames) and Joey & Meghan (Team Cute Activate!).

David & Connor want to make sure Team Macklemore/Babe stick to the alliance pact and give THEM the second EXPRESS PASS for being the second alliance team to reach the PIT STOP. But...John reminds them that the first rule of the alliance is...there IS no alliance as far as everyone else is concerned...and just giving them the PASS right now would broadcast that fact. Besides, they look forward to other teams sucking up to them for the second PASS. Connor thinks that's a stupid rule...but John knows that this isn't an "honesty game". This is a RACE...and nobody said they need to be honest during a Race, right?

But guess what? The other three teams start to think there IS an alliance, having seen the two teams talking it out and then the others congregate around them. Some are willing to suck-up...others are willing to just grind them into the dirt.

At 0730, the taxis come and the teams board essentially in the order they finished. But, once on board, it's Cannonball Run on the water as the boats vie for position en route to:


Jessica & John are first to disembark and the lovely hotel, with Team Goons and Team Ribbon Wearers wanting to be the first to get to the chapel on time. Joey & Meghan arrive in fourth and start looking. But Team Macklemore/Babe take a wrong turn, allowing David & Connor to arrive first. After a quickie blessing from the priest, they get their next clue...which is the Race's first:



PICK A PEARL: Pearl harvesting is a top money-earner for locals. A half-mile offshore, you will dive down to the harvesting ropes and untie strings of oysters. Then you must shuck the oysters until you find two red pearls. Once you find them, swim out to the pearl farmer in the va'a and he will trade the pearls for your next clue.

TAKE A TRUNK: Wreck-diving can ALSO be fruitful. Go to the marked dock and choose a boat to go to a different locale. Using diving helmets, you must dive deep into the ocean and find a trove of treasure trunks. Take one trunk, drag it to a nearby umbrella and open it. Then use the items inside to construct an underwater picnic dining experience. Once everything is in place, call for the scuba-diving waiter and, if he deems it right, he will "serve" your your next clue.

For both DETOURs, pick up your water shoes and snorkling gear before going down to your water taxi.

As the teams arrive, one by one, they choose a DETOUR:
PICK A PEARL: David & Connor, Jessica & John, Bates & Anthony, Joey & Meghan, Pam & Winnie, Idries & Jamil, Chuck & Wynona
TAKE A TRUNK: Mona & Beth

And, again, a team - in this case, Team Ribbon Wearers - forgets "TAR 101": "READ YOUR WHOLE CLUE!" The father and son race down to the taxi WITHOUT their snorkeling gear! Oops. When they arrive at the pearl harvesting spot, they find out that they goofed...and immediately go from 1st to 8th as they turn the boat around and run back up to the chapel.

As they head back, everyone else heads DOWN to get pearls. The water is so clear and beautiful that even the least experienced of swimmers seem to enjoy it. Well,...everyone except aquaphobe Jamal...and Wynona, who passes because Chuck can hold his breath much longer. Meanwhile, nearby, Team Rollergames don their diving helmets and get ready to plunge. Mona was nervous at first...but seeing the beatiful fish in the clear water calmed her down immensely. Of course, when Beth joined her, they could communicate even without words (roller derby experience) to pick a trunk and drag it over.

Joey tosses the strings of oysters to Meghan, who is staying dry to shuck the oysters in search for the crimson mucus-layered sand (that's what a pearl is, essentially). After about 50 oysters, she finds one. Jamal...wants to take a penalty as he just CAN'T dive that deep...but Idries REFUSES to take the six-hour penalty for forgoing a DETOUR without an EXPRESS PASS. The two twin brother/doctors argue back and forth as Team Macklemore/Babe and Team Goons find THEIR first pearls. After a lot of debating, they decide to give it a try. Oh, and he's not not the only aquaphobe: Team Scrappers are scared of the OCEAN...so THEY"RE freaking as well. Wynona finally joins her hubby since he's shucking the oysters in the water.

Oh, yeah...remember Max & Katie and Caroline & Jennifer? As a penalty for forgoing the second ROADBLOCK of the last Leg, these two teams have to leave four hours later than they were supposed to. Because of this and the fact that the other teams had to wait for the taxis, their deficit has been cut to 90 minutes. They're still a few minutes from departure, though, so...back to the DETOUR.

Team Ribbon Wearers shuck in the ocean and get their first pearl...but it's Team Cute Activate! who gets the second pearl in first. As they swim to the va'a, Team Macklemore/Babe find THEIR second, followed closely by Team Goons. In that order, they grab this clue:



Swim to the personal watercraft (jet-skis) nearby and, using a cloth map as a guide, use the craft to travel to Motu Tapu, the most-photographed isle in the South Pacific. Search the beach for your next clue.

Dave & Conner get their red pearls in fourth, making up a LOT of time. Meanwhile, under da sea, Team Rollergames are setting up the table and chairs for their picnic. With plates, utensils and (weighted) wine glasses all set, the waiter comes over with a covered platter and uncovers it to give the girls their next clue. All they can say as they leave in fifth is that it was so cool!

Aaaaand Team Honeymooners depart the PIT STOP at 9:14am, followed a minute behind by Team Cowboy Descendants. They are, essentially, in a race to keep from being eliminated.

There are still a few teams at PICK A PEARL, including Team What's Up, Docs? It's hard for Jamil...REALLY hard. And he STILL hasn't let go of the boat when Team Roll Tide! find their second pearl and leave in sixth (after Chuck pulls Wynona into the boat like a beached manatee). That leaves the docs and Pam & Winnie (the two phobic teams) to keep diving as Max & Katie get their blessing and their clue. Right behind them were Caroline & Jennifer...and they decide to do TAKE A TRUNK together. Actually, Max & Katie just wants to keep an eye on them...since, y'know, they ARE the last two teams.

As Idries & Jamil try to dive...and fail, Pam & Winnie find their second pearl and depart for Motu Tapu in seventh. The boys finally manage to pull themselves down and...pull the oysters up one at a time? Uh,...they're on a string, y'know. To say it's disheartening to watch the girls depart...understatement.


Any wonder why the isle is photoed so much? It is a beauty. And there's a Clue Box on the shore. Joey & Meghan reach it first and run head-on into the next...



One team member will partake in a traditional Polynesian game that has tested a man's strength for centuries. You will get up on stilts and use them to kick a coconut 35 yards down a sandy field. If you fall off the stilts, the coconut can stay in place but you have to go back to the start. Once your nut crosses the finish line, you and your teammate must run down the beach to the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race!


And your 'BLOCKers are Joey, Jessica, Conner and Anthony. Joey and Jessica have a bit of a time with the stilts...but Conner and Anthony - both sportsmen - do a pretty good job.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Team Scrappers is lost. They just barrelled and, without anyone else to guide them, they didn't realize they were going the wrong way. And that gives Teams Cowboy Descendants and Honeymooners time to rach TAKE A TRUNK and get down into the water.

At the ROADBLOCK, Beth and Chuck decide to kick for their respective teams. Meanwhile, Anthony finishes the task with Conner right on his stilted heels. As the teams run off to find Phil, Jessica finishes as well, putting them in third and leaving Joey behind with the just-arriving teams.



There's Phil...there's the lovely Polynesian dancer/greeter...there's the mat...and here come the teams! David & Conner run side-by-side with Bates & Anthony. But will the hockey players win or will the cancer survivors last?

"I just ruptured my Achilles," says David as he slows down. And Team Goons shoots and scores as Team # 1! Team Ribbon Wearers is Team # 2 and, right behind them, Team Macklemore/Babe is Team # 3. For winning the Leg, Bates & Anthony get a 5-night trip to London, England, courtesy (as always) of the Roaming Gnomes at Travelocity(TM). But...what about David? Well, he'll have to see a doctor (not the twins; they're OB/GYNs) and see what hurts. And Jessica & John see that options have opened up for them now, since the team they were SUPPOSED to give the other EXPRESS PASS to could very well by out.

Back at the DETOUR, Idries & Jamil are trying...they are SO trying. But they're now dropping oysters...and Jamil actually asks the rescue divers to pull him in.

And at the DETOUR, Joey is STILL getting beaten by the stilts, as is Beth. But Chuck, with his big legs, seems to be doing all right. He crosses the finish line and he & Wynona take off. Joey FINALLY gets his act together and gets HIS nut across the line so he & Meghan can follow right behind them. As such, the younger Team Cute Activate! gets Team # 4 status and Team Roll Tide! is Team # 5.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Pam & Winnie are STILL lost...and their Asian heritages are kicking in as they fear failure.

Back at the DETOUR, the two teams TAKE A TRUNK and drag them over to the umbrellas. Max is hyperventalating under his helmet but Katie...she's just "looking for Nemo". Caroline & Jennifer do well with one girl handing the stuff and the other setting it. But Team Honeymooners surface with the clue and take off for the ROADBLOCK in eighth. Team Cowboy Descendants leave right behind them in ninth...

...because Team What's Up, Docs? have STILL not found a SINGLE red pearl. Jamil is now starting to consider doing a "self U-TURN" and trying TAKE A TRUNK instead. They take a lesson from the fact that their mother struggled to raise them...but she NEVER gave up on them. So THEY have no right to give up on THEMSELVES! But, hey, Team Scrappers are STILL lost...so it ain't over yet!

Beth finally gets the hang of the stilts and finishes the 'BLOCK. Mona & she run through the bamboo woods to Phil and Team Rollergames check-in as Team # 6.

As the two teams who started the Leg in last haul on their jet-skis to the 'BLOCK, Team What's Up, Docs? do TAKE A TRUNK. And, y'know, it's a LOT easier when you don't have to worry about holding your breath as you go down. Jamil actually had FUN dragging the trunk over and setting up the picnic table. Guess that if Jamil had gills like Costner in "Waterworld", he wouldn't have ANY acrophobia at all. So they can finally catch up, right?

Errrrr, no. Pam & Winnie FINALLY get un-lost and find Motu Tapu. Pam decides she can keep her balance since she's used to wearing high heels. But as she struggles, up comes Max and Caroline to start THEIR task. The three get to stepping and kicking...but it's Caroline who beats them all (helps that she had a gymnastics background). She & Jennifer run into the woods and Team Cowboy Descendants round-up Team # 7 status.

And Idries & Jamil FINALLY get past the DETOUR as their waiter gives them their next clue. They're hoping for one of two things: 1) this is an N.E.L. (Non-Elimination Leg) or 2) the other teams were struggling at the next task.

Well, Pam DOES tear some skin off her foot upon slipping off the stilts. This gives Max the opening needed. Well, that and the fact that Katie is waiting for him at the finish. Sure enough, he finishes the task, the couple runs up to Phil and Team Honeymooners is Team # 8. Pam STILL has issues...but she is just yards away from the finish...and they don't know if they're last or NEXT-to-last. She doesn't give up, though; she's just REALLY tired and her hands are getting raw. FINALLY, she kicks it the last few inches to finish the task and she & Winnie run to meet Phil. And when he says they're Team # 9, Team Scrappers rejoice muchly!

Jamil does the ROADBLOCK for his team...but it seems inevitable to them that they'll be "the last team to arrive" at the mat. The twin docs hit the mat...Phil tells them they are last...and Phil tells them they're out of the Race. The water was their weak point and it lead to their demise. But, once the sting wears off, they're sure they'll get over it and believe, in their hearts, that this trip to Bora Bora was awesome!



1) Bates & Anthony* - London (+1)
2) David & Connor* (+1)
3) Jessica* & John - EXPRESS PASSes (-2)
4) Joey* & Meghan (+2)
5) Chuck* & Wynona (+2)
6) Mona & Beth* (-1)
7) Caroline* & Jennifer (+3)
8) Max* & Katie (+1)
9) Pam* & Winnie (-5)
ELIMINATED IN 10th)) Idries & Jamil (-2)
ELIMINATED IN 11th) Matt & Daniel

* = One ROADBLOCK more than partner

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace