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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
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I Hate Chinese Food
November 28

Going from Oman to Bangladesh, Jill & Thomas (Team No I'M Right) jumped on an earlier flight and finished the leg in first with much time to spare. The first-ever DOUBLE U-TURN reared its two heads at Chad & Stephanie (Team Very-Recently Engaged) and Brook & Claire (Team HSN), forcing them to do both parts of the DETOUR. In the end, however, the couple that got engaged in Oman ended up going from first to worst and bowing out of the Race. We're down to the Final Four...and college basketball season's only just STARTED!


Outside of the main city where 90,000 people in one square mile is considered "breathing room", Jill & Thomas kickoff Leg 10 of the Race...



Fly about 3500 miles to Hong Kong, China. Upon arriving, travel by bus and ferry to Cheung Chau island and find the Cheung Po Tsai Cave (off of Cheung Chau Sai Tai Road), where your next clue awaits.

The other teams' depart times (local time) are:

Nick & Vicki (Team Ick): 1359
Nat & Kat (Team Rhyming Docs): 1605
Brook & Claire: 1715

Feeling they have a very comfy lead, they go to a travel agency to find flights to the former British protectorate. And...the Great Equalizer strikes again; the earliest flight out of Dahka to Hong Kong (via Singapore) is at 11:55...at NIGHT! Oh, snap! Well, back to the hotel to strategize. All the other teams go straight to the airport...and Claire can't WAIT to scare the crap out of Jill & Thomas, being that Team HSN is the first-ever U-TURNed team who survived the Leg.


Uh,...yeah. The reunion of Team No I'M Right and Team HSN is not exactly civil. The couple ask the girls not to hate them...and the girls weren't buying that they were "more competitive" than Nat & Kat (who have won three Legs so far, whereas Brook & Claire only won one). They blame Thomas for it all, not including Jill in the "mastermind" plan. In the end, though, they shake hands and get ready to come out fighting when their plane lands in...


The eight wacky Racers arrive at perhaps the most developed city in all of China. Jill & Thomas hop on the first double-decker bus into the city. The other teams catch the next bus. The "Fast Ferry" to Cheung Chau Island awaits Team No I'M Right with the next one out a half hour later. So the three other teams leap off the bus and sprint to the ferry to make it. They take different routes...and Vicki's asthma is acting up. Thomas thinks the teams will be "Indiana Jones-ing in" at the last minute. Team Rhyming Docs and Team HSN do arrive...but Team Ick is still lagging. Will they make it?

Nope, the door shuts and the ferry heads off, leaving Vicki to sob over her costing them. And Nick - who, at the last PIT STOP, said Vicki was a "blessing" to him - cusses her out over the half-hour they must now make up. Vicki cries as Nick keeps up the abuse.


The ferry lets out and the teams jog towards the street which will lead them to the cave. But Claire is having a rough go at it. As such, by a slim margin over Nat & Kat, Team No I'M Right are the first to the cave and the clue:



Take a ferry to the Kowloon area of Hong Kong. Once there, find "Majesty Chinese Restaurant" and search for your next clue.

With the Docs a close second and Team HSN a slow third, the teams head back to the ferry docks. Brook & Claire argue about Claire being unable to keep up. The twosome just BARELY make the ferry to Kowloon...and it's a three-way tie again. And the two TV hosts hug it out.

Meanwhile, Team Ick's ferry arrives...but not before Nick dishes out a little more abuse to Vicki about the stress of the Race and how he's starting to regret ever joining up.


The three front-runners take cabs to the Majestic while Team Ick picks up their clue to head there. Nat & Kat are first to arrive...and they find that it's part-Chinese Restaurant...and part karaoke bar?! Thankfully, they don't have to sing at this...



Hong Kong is famous for its food...but ALSO for its highly-realistic FAKE food that shows up in restaurant windows all around the city. One team member must take chopsticks and go to the restaurant's large buffet table. There, you must search the table for one of only five items of fake food. Any food you pick up with the chopsticks MUST be eaten. Once you find a fake item, take it to the buffet chef who will verify it and hand you your next clue.

We already know Kat's a vegetarian (that lamb in Norway notwithstanding) so Nat decides to pig out. The atmosphere is NUTS...and the task seems daunting to say the LEAST. First pick...not so fake...but delish in any case. As she continues, Jill & Thomas show up and Thomas decides he's "peckish" enough for this task. As Thomas starts chowing down, Claire THINKS they're doing karaoke and takes the task over Brook...and Claire's a picky eater (plus the fact that ROADBLOCKs have been bad luck for her [see the melon ballista to the skull]). So we have three Americans poking stuff with chopsticks and chomping anything that ain't fake..while three American women dance to the repetitive Chinese music.

As Brook keeps the crowd motivated (like they NEED the help), Nat picks up a piece of fish, determining it to be fake. She takes it to the buffet chef who looks it over...and says she's right! The Docs are out of the ROADBLOCK in quick order and get this clue:



Make your way to Avenue of the Stars (Hong Kong's version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame) and search for your next clue. (The clue doesn't state that they're looking for the statue of martial arts great Bruce Lee...although "Enter the Dragon" was Lee's final film appearance before his death.)

Nat & Kat split and get a cab. Meanwhile, Team Ick is ferrying to Kowloon.

Back inside, Thomas is staring intently, hoping he doesn't have to consume the entire buffet to win. (Oh, and he's feeding himself by hand, NOT by chopsticks. Possible violation?!) Claire, though picky, is doing her best while Brook cheers her on.

At the Avenue, the Docs already figured it was the Bruce Lee statue and the cabbie point them down to it. As the sun starts to set on the famed city, Nat & Kat find a:



DING DING: Board a 100-year-old tram system (called the Ding Ding) starting at the Marshall Street Station. Along the route, search the thousands of neon signs for three that will give you the clue leading to the PIT STOP for this leg of the Race. If you get the clue, you may disembark at the end of the route and head for the PIT STOP. If you don't, you must make a return trip and start again.

SANPAN: Pick up two parakeets in a wooden cage at Jungle Kingdom Dock and board a sanpan, a traditional boat used for trade. The boat will head for Aberdeen Harbor and you must search the hundreds of boats for one with a registration number matching the one on the tag of your birdcage. Once you find the boat, the owner of said boat will trade you the cage for the location of the PIT STOP for this leg of the Race. You'll be let off the sanpan so you can head to the PIT STOP.

WARNING: The last team to check-in MAY be eliminated!

They choose to SANPAN and the Docs head for the dock. They taxi to the dock, pick up the pair-o-'keets and choose a female sanpan driver to lead them on the search for "CM60447C". The thing is, unlike most American boats, registration numbers on Chinese boats are in different locales on more-or-less every boat. This...could be a while.

Back at the restaurant, Thomas and Claire are still sifting through the food. Thomas picks up a shrimp that looks fake to HIM ("too hard to be real") and presents it to the chef. The chef confirms it and sends him and Jill out in second...much to Team HSN disgruntlement.

Nick & Vicki FINALLY arrive at Kowloon and find a cab to the restaurant...and Jill & Thomas pick up their DETOUR and choose DING DING. Claire is starting to get a little sick from all the food devoured so far (especially since she was on a diet)...but she's still looking as Vicki chooses to join her. The battle for third commences.

Back at the harbor, Nat & Kat have their floodlights working overtime looking for the right boat...and they try to entertain the parakeets as they continue to the next section. Team No I'M Right arrive at the station and board the ding ding. The tram moves slow enough...but all the signs fighting for attention along the busy street makes it hard to find three specific ones. They think the signs will stand out...and they think that JUST as they pass by a red-and-yellow one saying "PIT STOP"! Doh! They watch...and miss one that says "STATUE". DOH!. In their nervousness, they miss the one saying "SQUARE". DOH!!!!

Back at the chowhouse, the partiers are getting louder and Claire is getting stouter...and her stomach is just about at its limit. And, of course, that means reverse peristalsis kicks in. She sprints for the bathroom, a slightly-less disgusted-looking Brook shaking her head..and Nick laughing his tattooed backside off (assuming it's inked, which isn't a stretch, really). Brook supports her, though, after the stomach-emptying and gets her back to the buffet. Not too soon after Claire rejoins Vicki,...Claire finds an oyster that looks suspicious. Though Nick tells Vicki to "get in there" and steal it from her, Claire grabs it, presents it to the chef...and Team HSN are third out of the ROADBLOCK, much to Nick's disgust. But he cheers her on, saying to take her time in looking for the fake.

Back at the harbor, the Rhyming Docs still have not found their registration number...and, on the bus route, Team No I'M Right are getting frustrated. After a few ding ding rides, they decide they're done done and decide to switch to SANPAN. They take the cage with "CM16700A" and head out...and run right into Nat & Kat (not literally; that'd be a disaster). Meanwhile, Team HSN find Bruce Lee and the DETOUR and choose SANPAN as well.

"There it is!" shouts Jill a little while later, seeing the registration number. The owner takes the birds and hands them the piece of paper that says, "PIT STOP: STATUE SQUARE". ("Statue Square" in central Hong Kong is a public park built in the 19th Century to honor royalty from Colonial England.)

As they head back to the harbor, Nat & Kat FINALLY find THEIR boat and get THEIR clue. Jill & Thomas are first off the boat...but nabbing a taxi is a BIT of a chore. Nat & Kat, however, find one...RIGHT UNDER THE OTHER TEAM'S NOSES! The bad news, though, is that they PASS Team No I'M Right and get the evil eye from them. This causes Jill & Thomas to HURRY into the cab they were talking to and start the pursuit...just as Brook & Claire arrive at the harbor. They take "B302478" and head out.

The karaoke party is breaking up...and Vicki is still at the buffet, eating the now-warm sushi. Annnnnnd SHE having thoughts of hurling.


The cabs speed through the streets...they stop at the Square...the teams get out and grab their bags...the sprint to a lone man and a woman in Chinese garb...one team hits the mat in front of them, get the traditional PIT STOP welcome from the woman...and Phil gives them the good news....

"Nat & Kat...you are Team # 1!" For the fourth time in the Race, the Docs are on top! And this time, a 5-night trip to Rio de Janeiro is in store for them, replete with a rainforest tour and a soothing spa treatment.

Jill & Thomas hit the mat a few minutes later...and, apparently, there WASN'T a violation because they're Team #2...and happy for it.

Vicki presents a piece of food to the chef, PRAYING it's the right one...but it isn't. She's starting to cry...she swallows the food...and SPRINTS to the bathroom! THAR SHE BLOWS...chunks, that is! She doesn't want to do this anymore...NICK doesn't want her to do it anymore...but not completing a ROADBLOCK will incur a four-hour penalty. And she'd rather pass out than quit. So, after a wipedown of her mouth, it's back to the table. As the cleaning lady starts to close down the restaurant, she picks up a mollusk and shows it to the chef. The chef has to look a bit more carefully...but he approves of it! Team Ick is out of the ROADBLOCK and en route to the statue of Bruce Lee.

At the SANPAN, Team HSN are still looking...and, when Team Ick arrives at the DETOUR, they likewise choose SANPAN. Their number is "CM6545A" as they start out. And which team will find their boat first?

It's Brook & Claire! They are third out of the DETOUR...while Nick & Vicki are feeling more frustrated. In fact, Nick is thinking about all they've been through...and he wants out. Vicki doesn't want to quit...so Nick lies down and says, "Waste your own damn time. This is pointless. This isn't worth it to me." .

Brook & Claire are proclaimed Team #3...and they are ecstatic to have beaten the "punk rockers"!

Speaking of, Vicki tries looking by herself...but it's not working out. It's around 0400...and Nick refuses to help. So, begrudgingly, Vicki decides to quit the DETOUR and take the six-hour penalty. They're certain they're last anyway.

They get directions to the PIT STOP and hit the mat in the rain, where Phil tells them they're last to arrive. The good news, such as it is, is that they're still in the Race as this is the last Non-Elimination Leg. The bad news is double: they will have a six-hour penalty tacked on for skipping the DETOUR...AND they will have to do a SPEED BUMP at some point. This was the longest day EVER for them. Nick apologizes for not being a team player and vows to help more in the coming Leg. But they are WAY behind now...can even two tough tattooists from Sin City climb this mountain? Stay tuned and find out!.



1) Nat & Kat (+2) - Belize, Costa Rica, $5000, Rio
2) Jill & Thomas (-1) - Express Pass [USED], Brazil, $15K Discover Card
3) Brook & Claire (+1) - Hawai'i
4) Nick & Vicki (-2)

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