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September 26

Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
Worldrace Productions
Amazing Race Productions
CBS Television Studios
ABC Studios
Web www.cbs.com/amazingrace
Airs 8p Sun, CBS

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A Kiss Saves the Day
October 3

A flight across the Pond, a visit to Stonehenge, a storming of Eastnor Castle, tipsy boats 'cross a freezing moat...and a ballista-ed melon to the melon of Claire is how the 17th Amazing Race started off. The leg ended with Jill & Thomas (Team No, I'M Right) winning the EXPRESS PASS that allows them to skip ANY task through the eighth leg...and Ron & Tony (Team La Thespians) getting lost WITH a compass and being sent home.


From the live-action RenFest, Jill & Thomas rip open their clue to kick off Leg 2:



Fly more than 3100 miles to the capital city of Accra, Ghana. When you land, make your way to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park (named for the father of Ghanaian independence) and find your next clue.

You have $137 for this Leg of the Race.

Jill thinks about staying in the background but still contributing. Five minutes after they depart (1200), Nat & Kat (Rhyming Docs) take off. Other departure times (all times GMT):
Conner & Jonathan (Team Glee): 1220
Brook & Claire (Team HSN): 1221
Katie & Rachael (Jersey Shore Spikers): 1222
Gary & Mallory (Miss Kentucky & Dad): 1240
Kevin & Michael (WuTubers): 1241
Chad & Stephanie: (Almost-Engaged): 1250
Andie & Jenna (Team Biologicals): 1335
Nick & Vicki (Team Ick): 1345

Teams Glee, HSN and Spikers decide to work together for the time being...and Claire PRAYS against any more watermelon-based tasks. And...they immediately get lost on the grounds. Brook trades directions from a tractor driver for a kiss. Everyone else has no issues...well, except for Michael's leg bugging him and slowing Kevin down a bit.

At Heathrow, Team No I'M Right find that Virgin Atlantic has a grand total of ONE flight a day to Accra...and it's WIDE open. So that means the Great Equalizer has struck again and ALL teams are on the same exact flight to:


After a six-hour flight, twenty Americans charge out towards Ghana like World Cup soccer fans. They find cabs and head off to the park. En route, they have different views of the city. Team Ick comments on the differing culture, the HSNers like the head-balancing...and Almost-Engaged doesn't like the trash. Team Glee gets spat on by a beggar when they wouldn't cough it up...and THEY beg their driver: o/~ Please drive fa-a-a-aster! o/~ Andie, however, gives up a fiver.


At the memorial celebrating the man who won Ghana's independence from the UK, Brook & Claire BARELY get to the clue box ahead of Nick & Vicki.



Travel to Makola Market and search the streets for your next clue.

The other teams are right behind, with Andie & Jenna bringing up the rear. So much for "good karma" from the begger.


Everyone hates that the market's so busy...except for Michael, who grew UP with these kind of markets in Taiwan. Finding the clue box will be like finding a needle in a hay...hey, hey! Team Ick found it first!



One of you must sell sunglasses (a VERY popular sale item in the bright African sun of the Market) in order to make a total of 15 Ghanaian cedis (or about US$10). No pair can be sold for less than three cedis apiece. Once you have 15 cedis, present the money to the lead vendor, who will give you your next clue.

The vendors: Nick, Brook, Jill, Chad, Rachel, Michael, Kat, Conner and Jenna. Brook, being the seller that she is ("Team HSN", duh), nabs the first sale with Chad targetting the women to close the gap.

Meanwhile, back at the park, Gary & Mallory are stuck in a dead cab. The beauty queen starts to pray that the engine kicks over...but nothing doin'. They have to get another cab, which they get right away. When they finally arrive at the market, Mallory takes to the "shady" deals.

The market is bustling and the Racers are selling. Brook, of course, is a natural seller and makes it to 15 cedis easy and, as such, are the first to receive their next clue:



Travel by taxi to the "June 4th" area on Techi Road. Once there, find the shop called "Peace Motor Spare Parts" and search for your next clue.

Michael is the next to 15 (shocking his son) so he and Kevin take off with Team Glee on their heels. Chad all but BEGS to get to 15 so he and Stephanie can leave in 4th. The Spikers split in fifth, much to Nat's chagrin.


Brook & Claire find the shop and run into the Race's first...



TUNE IN: Make your way to Adom Electricals and receive a TV antenna system (no cable in Accra). Then search for a nearby marked house and install the antenna to the specifications of the house's owner. When you get a clear-enough signal on the TV inside, the owner will give you your next clue.

CHECK OUT: Head to Emmanuel Woodshop, a place which builds custom coffins that represent the lifestyle of the eventual occupants. Pick out a coffin, place it on a marked cart and travel through the back roads until you reach the "Hello Coffin" showroom. The showroom manager will then give you your next clue.

Sales on TV they know, but does Team HSN know how to FIX a TV? We'll find out; they choose to TUNE IN. The locals smile at the two girls hammering the planks to put the antenna up. Inside, they string the coaxial cable among the roof fixtures.

Meanwhile, Team WuTubers arrive at Adom Electricals...but can't find the auto parts sotre or the clue box. Chad & Steph arrive 2nd at the store and do TUNE IN and direct father and son to the box, where Katie & Rachel decide to CHECK OUT with a synthesizer coffin. Michael & Kevin TUNE IN as well. Stephanie helps Chad with the installation (finally proving her point...to a point).

Back at the market, half the Racers are still hawking shades. But Team Biologicals manage to scrape the last cedis needed to leave for June 14th. After a lot of haggling and good customer service for NOT giving a guy a scratched-lensed pair, Jill gets her 15 cedis so Team No I'M Right splits. Someone, after dancing around with a pair on, wants Nick to give the shades to her for free. He refuses...but the woman leaves anyway. The costumers get more demanding. One cedi...body searches...pleading and scrapping...and Team Ick reach their quota, leaving Team Rhyming Docs in the dust. After Nat yells, "HARD SELL!", Kat finally finds a buyer for the last pair and the Docs head for the store.

Brook & Claire are...NOT on the air. The picture isn't clear enough, so Brook has to adjust the antenna on the roof. The Spikers are jogging through the streets trying not to tip the coffin...so to speak. They find the showroom and cross the busy road...but Team HSN get the picture they need first and are the first to get the good news in the clue:



Head for Kaneshie Market, one of the largest markets in all western Africa. Weave through the customers and vendors and meet Phil near a pedestrian bridge at the PIT STOP for this leg.

WARNING: The last team to check-in MAY be eliminated!

The girls SQUEAL at being in first as they catch a cab. Katie & Rachael deliver the coffin and get the clue in second. Looks like girls are ruling the day.

Back at June 14th, Conner & Jonathan arrive at the DETOUR fifth and elect to TUNE IN. Michael & Kevin finish their job thanks to Michael's good carpentry and leave for the PIT STOP in third. After several attempts with the cable, Team Almost Engaged departs in 4th. Jill & Thomas arrive 6th at the DETOUR and CHECK OUT the dead men's digs (choosing a camera coffin to haul) and Nick & Vicki go with TUNE IN. And Team Ryhmics Docs...are lost..


Team HSN and Team Jersey Shore Spikers arrive at the market and race around the thousands of people to find Phil and his basket-balancing-on-head companion. And the winners?

Brook & Claire...you and your still melon-rinded head are TEAM #1! And, after the Race, you're going on a 10-day trip to Hawai'i, courtesy of the Roaming Gnomes of Travelocity(TM). Katie & Rachael are Team #2 and get...nothing, except being a minute or two behind the leaders for Leg 3.

Connor & Jonathan have issues with the antenna and decide to perform their own "U-TURN" and CHECK OUT the coffins. Team WuTubbers are Team #3 to the PIT STOP. Jill & Thomas are 5th out of the DETOUR after dropping their film-coffin off. Chad & Stephanie are Team #4. Nat & Kat are STILL lost and Miss Kentucky & Dad aren't much better. Team Biologicals PASS them...but THEY need directions as well.

Team Glee choose a fish coffin to move (bumping a lion coffin in the process) and get to steppin'...though manuveuring through rush hour traffic is tough. Gary & Mallory FINALLY reach the DETOUR and decide to TUNE IN. Behind them are the Docs who CHECK OUT (with a shrimp coffin). Team Ick get a warm (and clear) reception and are 6th out of the DETOUR. Jill & Thomas exit a cab RIGHT near Phil and check-in as #5. At last, Team Biologicals arrive and choose to CHECK OUT (another fish).

Conner & Jonathan head to the market in 7th. Kat gets run over by their cart as they haul, allowing Miss Kentucky & Dad to go to 8th out of the DETOUR. The Docs leave in 9th and Andie & Jenna have to hoof it.

So all the teams are in cabs and motoring...or, rather, stop-and-going through the horrible traffic. Once a lane is found, though, the "Taxi Cannonball Run" begins as cabs pass cabs who are passing OTHER cabs in the process. Team Docs and Team Glee's cab drive in a middle lane which causes the teams to...well, I'm sure they at least wet themselves a little. Once they get to Kaneshie Market, though, it's a foot race (just LIKE in "Cannonball Run"...only not so close.

Time to check-in. Connor & Jonathan in 6th, Nat & Kat in 7th, Nick & Vicki in 8th. Will it be the Biologicals or Miss Kentucky & Dad who will be last to market?!

"Gary & Mallory...you are Team #9!" And there was much rejoicing...amid the team, that is.

And that means the young woman and her biological mother who have only seen each other twice before the Race started, are the last to arrive...and the trips from Boston to London to Accra are all they're travelling in this Race; they are Philiminated. Still, travelling 10,000 miles with the family seperated 21 years ago was SO rewarding for the team. They will treasure these last few days forever.



1) Brook & Claire (+3) - Hawai'i
2) Katie & Rachel (+3)
3) Michael & Kevin (+4)
4) Chad & Stephanie (+4)
5) Jill & Thomas (-4) - Express Pass
6) Connor & Jonathan (-3)
7) Nat & Kat (-5)
8) Nick & Vicki (+2)
9) Gary & Mallory (-3)
ELIMINATED) Andie & Jenna (-1)

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace