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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Hayma Screech Washington
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions
Airs: Sundays at 8p ET on CBS


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Sorry, Guys, I'm Not Happy to See You
January 13


Last week, the Racers headed from India to Japan. Ron returned to some old habits while the Dirty Hippies took a risk on an early flight. And while Don tried to push through his limits, Nate just pushes his partner. In the end, though, TK & Rachel's plan put them in the back, awaiting the next Speed Bump.

PIT STOP - Tempozan Park; Osaka, Japan.

After 12 hours of food and fellowship, Ron & Christina are the first to head out at 7:02a with this.


Travel by taxi to the building with a hole in it. Then find the Floating Garden. You have $374 for this leg of the Race.

The building in question is the Umeda Sky Building. The Floating Garden is actually an observatory located on its rooftop.

Christina manages to find a cab really easily.

Nate & Jen are the second to take off. It's Jen's birthday.

Third to depart only 19 minutes behind are Nic & Donald.

Ron & Christina are the first to the Sky Building, while the other teams follow. Just one problem... it opens at 10, and it's barely 7:30. Equalizer!

Meanwihle, TK & Rachel are waiting for the green light back at the Pit Stop. At the same time, the clock strikes 10, and the other three Racer teams are up to the Floating Gardens, looking for the next clue.


Fly to the city of Taipei, Taiwan! When you land, travel by taxi to the Taipei Main Station and search for your next clue.


At 10:18, while the others are heading toward the airport, TK & Rachel finally get the go-ahead to proceed to the Umeda Sky Building.

The Hsus and the Cheaters were neck and neck all the way through with the Grands not too far behind, while the Dirty Hippies are literally barking up the wrong tree.

Nate: "We know nothing about Taiwan except we think Thai food is pretty good. I know a couple of Thai friends." Welcome to Are You Smarter Than an Amazing Racer?!

Ron & Christina are the first to arrive at Osaka International. The first flight to Taipei leaves at 1p, so let's take that one.

Back at the Sky Building, Rachel is convinced that they're going the wrong way. They aren't.

At the airport, the two teams in front are fighting it out for a 1p seat on a flight to Taiwan. And now, so are Nic & Don.

TK & Rachel arrive at the Floating Garden... and walk right past the clue box!

Ron & Christina are confirmed for the economy flight to Taipei... the last seats available, much to Nate & Jen's dismay. Christina swears that they didn't say anything.

TK & Rachel finally find the clue box.

Nate & Jen and Nic & Don head to the China Air kiosk to get on the 1:15 flight. Ron isn't afraid to fight dirty. He'll just play bum about it.

1st Flight to TAIPEI
Ronald & Christina

2nd Flight to TAIPEI
Nicolas & Donald
Nathan & Jennifer
(unbeknownst to the other racers) TK & Rachel


Ron & Christina find the first cab they see and head to the main station. Nate & Jen make a detour to exhange their money. Meanwhile, they spot Nic & Don.... and TK & Rachel! It's an even field once again!

Ron & Christina find this next clue at the station.


Travel by high-speed rail to the city of Taichung. Then travel by taxi to the city of Jiji and find Acrobatics Jeep, where you will find your next clue.


The three lagging teams head toward the main station, while Ron & Christina get on the train to Taichung. The other three teams follow suit, while Nate ducks to avoid the glance of TK & Rachel. The Dirty Hippies, though, get a tip from a local... just use the HSR ticket machine. It's faster. As a result, all three teams are on the same train.

Ron & Christina leave on the first cat out, followed by TK & Rachel and Nic & Don. Nate & Jen... ain't no one behind'em.



Take a ride with a stunt driver aboard a teeter-totter 25 feet above the ground. Then take another ride with another driver under water for 17 seconds. You may not let go or get out of the car at any time. If you're alive when it's over, you'll receive your next clue.

First come, first served.


Ron is first at the teeter-totter... Did we mention that he doesn't like heights? Next up, the water drive. Have fun, Ron.

They're done with that. "Now I'm refreshed."


Travel by high-speed rail back to Taipei and travel to GK Teahouse. Order and drink an entire cup of tea. Only by doing this will your next clue be revealed.


Ron & Christina have a time table to the trains. They won't make the 7:16, but they'll make the other one.

TK & Rachel are the second team to finish the Road Block, but they come head first into a...



Travel by taxi to He-ping and make a dash through fireworks. When finished, you can continue with the Race.

Nate & Jen are the third team to finish the Road Block, while Nic & Don are the final team.

Ron & Christina are on the first train out, whle TK & Rachel run through fire. Works, that is.

You've gone over your Speed Bump! Now make your way back to Acrobatics Jeep and retrieve your next clue.


Talk about going out with a bang.

Meanwhile, Nate and Jen... well, mostly Jen, are arguing with the train station clerks about, of all things, availability of tickets for 8p train at 7:30p... of which there isn't any. At least the computer won't sell them tickets before that. Nic & Don have the same issue, but are more docile about it.

Will TK & Rachel catch up?

Nope. Nic & Don and Nate & Jen are on the train heading for... wait, there're the Dirty Hippies.

Back in Taipei, Ron & Christina head to the teahouse. Nate & Jen, again, Jen mostly, can't stop kvetching about how TK & Rachel keep catching up with their hard-working asses and just smoothly cruise on by.

(C-Note: If you ask me, that's the only way to do it)

Ron & Christina arrive at the teahouse, order their tea, blow on it, and then start drinking. The others finally arrive at Taipei in a race for second.

Ron & Christina finally finish their tea, and realize that the next clue is printed in Chinese underneath.



<<Proceed to
Find a clown in the Night Market>>




Ron & Christina find the clue rather easily.




FIRE: Make your way to Zhongzheng Park and participate in a lantern-lighting ceremony by writing messages of luck, good or bad, on a Kongming lantern and then burn "spirit money" to fill the lanterns with hot air to carry their messages to the spirits above. Once you send 20 sky lanterns into the air, you will receive yourr next clue.

EARTH: Make your way to Youth Park to participate in a local custom used to reduce stress. Take off your shoes and, with your bare feet, walk down a 220-foot path made of jagged stones, turn around, and walk back. When both of you are done, you will receive your next clue.

Nic & Don are the next to drink tea, while TK & Rachel and Nate & Jen are battling it out just to find the darn place. TK & Rachel finish first. Nate & Jen get help from the locals.

Ron & Christina head to the Youth Park, and find that Ron's crocodile feet are a great help. Christina's dainty little feet... not so much. But they do get the job done early so...



Make your way to the next Pit Stop, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Plaza. HURRY! The last team to check in WILL BE ELIMINATED!

Ron & Christina started out the race as two people. Now as they head to the final Pit Stop, they are one.

The Happy Clown gives Nic & Don their next clue, and they head for the earthen trail, as do the other two teams.

Nic & Don and TK & Rachel go to the park via taxi, while Nate & Jen try the subway, the bus, and then just hoofing it over there. Jen says that Nate needs to step up and make a decision on how they're getting there... only she says that she didn't just say that. And then the girl just loses it.

In the end, they just take a bus. "Thanks a lot for ruining my fricking birthday." All he had to do was not fight with her... and she just made it im-fricking-possible.

PIT STOP - Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Plaza; Taipei, Taiwan

Ron & Christina spot Phil and the hot local... who greet them as Team #1. They're in the Race for a million... Oh, and they also win a trip to Curacao.

And speaking of hoofing, TK runs the course. Both he & Rachel and Nic & Don head to the Pit Stop, while both teams need to find a cab with an English-speaking cabbie.

Nate & Jen finally find the earthen trail and begin their walk.

TK & Rachel are the first to find a cab. Nic & Don follow as do Nate & Jen. Traffic really is bad, but now it's a foot-race to see who else will be in the Race for a million.

Second up... TK & Rachel. They've been trying hard all day.

So who'll be the final team that joins our intrepid duos?

That'll be Nic & Don!

Which means that this is as far as Nathan & Jennifer will get to go in the Race. So close, but almost gets you nothing. They fought a lot (with each other), but they learned a lot about each other. They think they killed their relationship along the race, not caring too much about each other. Only about winning.

Note to future Racers: Remember it takes two to start the Race, but it takes one to finish.

Next time, the Grands Nic & Don, the Dirty Hippies TK & Rachel, and Team Hsu's Your Daddy Ron & Christina head back to America in the hopes of winning a check made out to them in the amount of a one with six zeroes behind it.

After leg 10: JAPAN - TAIWAN
1) Ronald & Christina – catamaran, electric car, trip to Curacao.
2) TK & Rachel – trip to Japan, trip to St. Maarten
3) Nicolas & Donald – trip to Mexico
ELIMINATED) Nathan & Jennifer