The Amazing Race
Season 10
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Today is

Being Polite Sucks Sometimes - November 12
Leg 9: Atananarivo, Madagascar - Helsinki, Finland


We start off this leg of the race in Madagascar where Dustin and Kandice are the first to receive this clue...
Fly to Helsinki, Finland


Teams must travel more than 6,000 miles to Helsinki, Finland. From there, they must find a coffee shop named "Kappeli", then log-on to AOL using one of the marked laptops to discover a surprise in their e-mail.
Due to limited availability of flights out of Madagascar, teams are being provided tickets to Paris, France, where they must make their own arrangements to connect to Helsinki. However, they are under no obligation to use these tickets.
All of the teams then fly to Johannesburg, South Africa where they'll each connect to Helsinki by Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Frankfurt, Germany.
Tyler and James find the coffee shop and after logging on to AOL, Tyler gets a video message from his mother and James gets a message from his sisters. Kandice gets a video message from her mother and Dustin gets hers from her family. These message cause some of the teams to get emotional. In addition each of those V-Mail messages they're told to get the next clue from the coffee shop's owner.

Make your way to Soppenharjun Koulu.
Teams must travel 125 miles by train and taxi to this school, Soppenharjun Koulu. Once here, they'll have to follow the marked path and search the grounds for their next clue.
Once at the school, they find details for a Detour task....
Swamp This or Swamp That
SWAMP THIS: Teams are required to put on skis and then trudge through a mile-long muddy field.
SWAMP THAT: Teams must complete a muddy obstacle course that include carrying, pulling and climbing bars.

Dustin/Kandice and Lyn/Karlyn opted for Swamp This while Tyler/James, Rob/Kimberly and Erwin/Godwin went for Swamp That. After completing the Detour, the teams take a train and drive to a mine where they face a Roadblock.

Teams required to ride a bike one mile deep into a mine. They find a limestone tablet, attach it to the bike, bike back and break it open to receive your next clue.

James, Kandice, Karlyn, Godwin and Rob completed this task. Then some of teams are expecting a Pit Stop after receiving this next clue.

Travel to the Olympic Stadium.
Upon the teams reaching the stadium, they complete the final task of this leg, rappelling down the tower. After one team has completed the task, they are shocked to find a clue telling them...
This leg is not over. KEEP RACING!!!

 And that's where this episode ends, we'll find out where the other half of the leg will go from here next time.

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