The Amazing Race
Season 10
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Today is

He Can't Swim but He Can Eat Cow Lips! - November 5
Leg 8: Mauritius - Atananarivo, Madagascar


Previously on TAR 10, Dustin and Kandice went from second place to first while David and Mary get a reprieve. However, the latter once again must win the next leg of the race as they're walking on thin ice.

The teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Chateau bel Ombre in the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean to receive their first clue...
Fly 700 miles to Atananarivo, Madagascar and then search for the Black Angel statue, which has recently been painted white.

All of the teams make the same flight, then Tyler/James go to the statue with the clue box with a sign that says "Intersection". This offers up a new requires each team to pair up with one other team and complete all tasks together until instructed to stop doing so.

Tyler/James decide to pair up with Rob/Kimberly as they don't trust the blondes Dustin/Kandice.

Tyler/James had also opened up another Fast Forward clue and this time it has to be completed by all four members of an Intersected group of teams.

All four members may travel 2 miles to the Ana Lockley market. Then find a stall where you have to eat an entire serving of cow lips.
Tyler/James and Rob/Kimberly decide to take the FF while Dustin/Kandice wait for another team. The other teams get a Detour clue...
Long Sleep or Short Letter
LONG SLEEP: Travel by van 2.2 miles to an open market and wrap and deliver eight mattresses and travel by foot a mile to a provided address.
SHORT LETTER: Travel by van 3.5 miles then choose a station and use local methods to produce and decorate 28 sheets of handcrafted paper.

All of the other teams opt for the "Long Sleep" task with Erwin/Godwin and Dustin/Kandice finishing it to receive their next clue...

Travel 4 miles to Tohotohobato Ambondrona Alalakely.

The teams who've completed the Detour are no longer joined by the Intersection. Dustin/Kandice get to a taxi first followed by Erwin/Godwin whom their taxi was pressed for gasoline. Dustin and Candice get the next clue...

One member of each team must search for the tool most commonly used by the government of Madagascar -- the rubber stamp. That team member must search among dozens of rubber stamp vendors spread across the steep staircases that connect the city's upper and lower districts. You must find the four different vendors whose stamps match the imprint of a boat, plane, train, and car on their clue. Once a team member gets a stamp of each vehicle, they must make their way alone 2.5 miles to the next pit stop, the Cathedral Andohalo. This is where your teammate will be traveling separately.

Dustin, Godwin, Mary and Lyn completed this task for their teams while Tyler/James and Rob/Kimberly successfully completed their Fast Forward requirement. All of the teams eventually made their way to the Cathedral Andohalo.

| #1.|Dustin and Kandice|Same Position|
| #2.|Tyler and James   |Same Position|
| #3.|Rob and Kimberly  |Same Position|
| #4.|Erwin and Godwin  |Same Position|
| #5.|Lyn and Karlyn    |Same Position|
| #6.|David and Mary    |ELIMINATED   |

Dustin/Kandice once again win another leg and they also won a trip for two to Hawaii. Tyler/James and Rob/Kimberly use of the Fast Forward didn't change from their positions in the previous leg. Unfortunately for David and Mary there was about ten minutes of penalty remaining at the time Lyn and Karlyn hit the checkpoint. The former gave us an emotional goodbye knowing they did their best despite not winning $1,000,000.

The maiden voyage to the finish line continues next time on TAR 10.


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