The Amazing Race
Season 10
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Today is

I Wonder if This is Going to Make My Fingers Pickle - October 29
Leg 7: Kuwait City, Kuwait - Mauritius


The teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Al-Sadiq area water towers and receive a clue...

Fly over 4,600 miles to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

As the teams scramble to get their flights, members of an alliance known as the "six-pack" both help and hinder each other. Then two of the teams argue over placement in line, but ultimately all of the teams travel on the same flights to Mauritius.
Over there, the teams receive a model of a schooner and had to match it to a real schooner in the Grand Baie.
Then the teams make a long swim to the schooner and then swim back after receiving a clue.

Drive to the Case Noyale post office
En route, teams face both traffic and car problems. Rob and Kimberly's car malfunctioned creating a traffic slowdown. They then take part in a Detour...
Salt or Sea
SALT: Drive two miles to a salt bath and then search through giant mounds of salt for a salt-shaker. Pepper-shakers are also buried, making the task more difficult.
SEA: Take a boat 2/3rds of a mile to a small island and then use a treasure map to search for a mast and sail.

All off the teams sans Dustin/Kandice opted for the "Salt" task. However, all of the teams that chose "Salt" then switched to the "Sea" task when none of them were able to locate a salt-shaker.
Those who've completed the task get this next clue...

Travel to the next Pit Stop, Chateau bel Ombre in the island of Mauritius

WARNING: The last team to check in may be eliminated!

Here's a look at the results/balance sheet for this leg of the race...
| #1.|Dustin and Kandice|Up from #2   |
| #2.|Tyler and James   |Up from #6   |
| #3.|Rob and Kimberly  |Same Position|
| #4.|Erwin and Godwin  |Up from #5   |
| #5.|Lyn and Karlyn    |Down from #4 |
| #6.|David and Mary    |Down from #1 |

Dustin and Kandice won this leg and they each get a motorscooter for their efforts. As for David and Mary, they didn't get eliminated this time. But once again, they have to win the next leg or else attain a 30-minute penalty. They did it two legs ago, can they do it for the next one, you'll have to wait for the next episode to find out.
Now I know you're probably asking me "Wait a minute, what happened to the Roadblock?" Well either there wasn't one or they probably did the RB but it somehow got edited out. I really don't know for sure.


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