The Amazing Race
Season 10
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Today is

Maybe Steven Seagal Will See Me and Want Me... - October 22
Leg 6: Chennai, India - Kuwait City, Kuwait

Previously on TAR 10, Peter and Sarah went from 2nd to 1st while David and Dary didn't get eliminated. However, they'are now marked for elimination as they now have to finish first in this next leg, or else they have to wait 30 minutes before landing on the checkpoint mat.

The seven teams now take off from their Pit Stop at the Chettinad House in Chennai, India. They each get their first clue in the form of a cell phone video. They are instructed to make their way to Kuwait City to find a mystery location in which the top part of the tower is shown. To get there, teams will first have to go to a travel agency to buy airline tickets, fly 2,400 miles to Kuwait, and then drive a specially marked car.


The teams make their way to the Kuwait Towers and take numbers. When the towers officially open the teams get their first Fast Forward clue.
Confront Oil Well Fire

Teams must drive 18 miles to an oil field. They'll then don protective gear and use a flame-retardant shield to approach a simulated oil well fire.

Facing temperatures over a thousand degrees, teams must reach the clue box near the raging fire and retrieve the clue from inside.

However, teams may instead complete this Road Block...

Climb Kuwait Tower

One member of each team must climb 610 feet above the ground and retrieve pieces to complete a puzzle. Once completed they'll be shown the name of their next location in Arabic text.
Erwin and Godwin knew that David and Mary needed the Fast Forward so they approached them and bluffed the other teams. David and Mary took the FF and went on their way while the others stayed at the tower. Erwin and Godwin's move could put them at risk of being eliminated. David and Mary get lost going the opposite direction and got help. They eventually make it to the FF location and as they don their suits, Mary says this...

"I'm nervous. I'm scared to death. But maybe Steven Seagal will see me and want me to be in one of his movies."

After the task...

Congratulations! You have claimed the Fast Forward!

You may skip all the tasks in this leg of the race and proceed to the pit stop, the Al-Sadiq Water Towers.

David and Mary completed the FF task letting them skip all other tasks to get them to the Pit Stop, which is at the Al-Sadiq Water Towers.

Back at the Roadblock, Tyler and James completed the task first, but they had to take the puzzle over to ask one of the Kuwaitis for the name of the location. A man said Al-Gharabali Street and they head off. Lyn and Karlyn get their directions and writing to their next location and then instructed a few of the men not to tell Dustin and Kandice where they're going. They did however get one person for directions, which made Lyn/Karlyn upset. Erwin/Godwin get their directions from a police officer.

The teams then travel three miles to a bead shop in a local market. There, they receive the next clue...

Manual or Automatic
MANUAL: Teams must fill ten 110 pound bags of camel feed, transport them 110 yards and then stack them.
AUTOMATIC: Teams must participate in Camel Racing -- hooking up a camel to a robotic jockey and then driving it along a 140 yard track using a walkie-talkie.

Dustin/Kandice, Rob/Kimberly, Erwin/Godwin, and Tyler/James all choose the Manual task while Peter/Sarah and Lyn/Karlyn opted for Automatic. Tyler/James switched to Automatic after getting lost, while Peter/Sarah decided to switch tasks to Manual after likewise getting lost. Due to how far they have fallen behind, they received a clue instructing them to proceed directly to the Pit Stop and did not complete the Detour.
The who've completed the task get this next clue...

Travel to the next Pit Stop, the Al-Sadiq Water Towers.

WARNING: The last team to check in may be eliminated!

The aforementioned place is the setting to the next Roadblock...


| #1.|David and Mary    |Up from #7   |
| #2.|Dustin and Kandice|Same Position|
| #3.|Rob and Kimberly  |Same Position|
| #4.|Lyn and Karlyn    |Up from #5   |
| #5.|Erwin and Godwin  |Down from #4 |
| #6.|Tyler and James   |Same Position|
| #7.|Peter and Sarah   |ELIMINATED   |

David and Mary's last-to-first finish in this leg had also awarded them a trip for two to Southwest Jamaica. Ultimately, because Peter and Sarh were not able to find either Detour task in time they have been eliminated from the race. Then we hear from Sarah that has seen a lot of sides to Peter on this trip and he's really not the person for her.

And on that note...tune in next week to see how the six remaining teams progress in the next leg of TAR 10.


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