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Today is

"The Final Showdown, Part 2" - December 15

As you may remember, Randal and Rebecca were tackling their final tasks: Randal, a Celebrity Softball game on behalf of Autism Speaks and Rebecca, a Comedy Event on behalf of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

When we last left the terrific two, Randal’s event was being threatened by rain and Rebecca had just lost her celebrity emcee. How did they cope?

Randal clearly had no clue that the rain was going to come, but after waking up the next day to see puddles in the street; Randal got an even nastier rude awakening. The groundskeeper at the field alerted Randal that it would be unlikely to be able to hold the game. After that the executives from outback jumped Randal’s bones seeking an answer for what he would do. In the Limo, Alison Singer from Autism Speaks called adding more pressure to Randal’s burden. In short, everyone is unhappy and everyone is looking at Randal for answers. Randal keeps his cool and once he arrives at the field here realizes that holding the game will not be an option. Thus without a contingency plan, Randal is forced to think on the spot and he quickly searches the facilities for another location to hold a VIP event. They find a spacious locker room downstairs, and without any other options Excel is forced to dress up the lockers for a fabulous auction or die trying.

As Marshawn explained, Excel adapted from a silent auction to a live auction and is going to attempt to get the celebrities to bid against one another in order to draw more money. This may be a good idea, but without the entertainment of the softball game, will everyone be pleased with the event? The Outback Execs, and the radio announcer are particularly concerned that many of the guests of the event will be disappointed with driving hours to attend a locker room auction. Worse yet, Alison Singer from Autism Speaks is more concerned than ever that the message of autism will be lost in favor of logistics and fund raising.

In their continuation of fund raising, Mark has created a bucket with an Autism Speaks T-Shirt over it to create a donations bin. Alison Singer as always in worried, but Things are coming together. George stops by for a visit and Randal greets him and comes off as very positive. George doesn’t probe much, but another person does. Carson Kressley (Queer Eye) asks Randal why they are not going to be playing the Softball game and Randal tells him that that is not going to happen unless he wants to get down and dirty. Carson is more than willing to get down and dirty and this is a good thing, because at least it shows that celebrity morale is high

As Randal continues his meet and greet, Trump arrives via helicopter and Randal runs outside to greet him making sure that the Donald is not kept waiting. The Donald asks why no game and Randal expresses that the celebrities would not want to play in this weather even though the rain has slowed. Trump agrees and they head downstairs to the auction. Randal steps up the stage and gives an amazingly eloquent speech extolling the virtues of Autism Speaks to the point that not even Alison Singer can complain. With the charity’s message served, the Trump says a word and the auction begins. Items start selling very well and Trump heads to location number two. Here is what has been happening on Rebecca’s side.

Rebecca is long past Joe Piscopo and has focused her team’s efforts on finding a new comedian to host the event. After some serious rounds of phone inquiries, they ended up with a very popular NYC comedian, Pete Dominic, who seems to have the charisma to pull the event off.

Now that talent has been settled, Rebecca and capital Edge are arranging the gift bags which happen to be purple Yahoo backpacks filled with goodies and the all important donation envelope. Toral seems to have things under control, so Rebecca checks on decorations which are being handled wonderfully by Chris. The entire club is yahoo-ed out with banners, lights, and video screens. The problem: there is on one Elizabeth Glaser banner and even though it has prime location above the bar, it is overshadowed by all of the yahoo signage. It seems as if Rebecca’s teammate selections are paying off for her as her crew is working very efficiently.

Carolyn arrives to check on how things are going and she is greeted by Rebecca who points out the elaborate decorations and the purple yahoo-tinis with purple flashing ice cubes. Carolyn is impressed by the décor but question if the charity is taking a back seat.

Rebecca is later accosted by the Yahoo execs and they are interested in finding out what Rebecca did about the fund raising aspect of the event and Rebecca assured them that there would be no direct requests for donations and explained that the envelopes were in the gift bags. The Yahoo execs are very pleased and Rebecca takes just a second to breathe before receiving the magic call from the Donald saying that he will be arriving momentarily.

Rebecca remains inside talking up all the guests about the wonders of the Elizabeth Glaser pediatric AIDS Foundation and unfortunately through doing all of this she misses Donald Trump’s arrival. Fortunately she is near the front door, so shortly upon his entrance she greets him and they quickly take a look around to the liking of the Donald. Donald then says a hello to the crowd over the PA system and says let’s begin the event and the mass exodus downstairs to the comedy show begins. The only problem is that the show wasn’t supposed to start for another 20-30 minutes. Thus taken off guard, James is doing his best to prep Pete Dominic to go on but Rebecca is working behind the scenes to get Jake Glaser on stage to speak for the charity as a way of filling time. Jake is found and he says his bit on stage filling just enough time for Pete Dominic to be ready to start the show. With a potential crisis averted, the evening continued without a hitch. That is if the comedians picking on George and his wife for about an entire set isn’t a problem. George took it with a good laugh and a grain of salt and everyone is happy.

With the tasks behind the candidates, Randal and Rebecca reminisced about their 13 weeks and got some rest. They then had brunch the next morning at a café and the clear message is that they seem to hold a mutual respect for one another. Both are proud of their personal efforts and they seem ready for their final boardrooms.
First is the biggest waste of a board room yet as the employees for both Randal and Rebecca are inquisitioned. Basically everyone is extremely happy with their leader and everyone believes that their leader should be the one to become the Apprentice.

The interesting fact that came out was that Randal raised $11,000 while Rebecca raised $0 at the event, due to the envelope strategy that we do not know whether or not it will pan out. Second, Randal’s group never had an established Plan B if there was rain, and although they did recover, there was a lack of foresight. This faux pas resulted in some disorganization and other blunder including the lack of highlighting of the celebrities as George was disappointed that the celebrities were never brought on stage. Knowing that these are the points that the two remaining candidates will have to defend we move forward to the boardroom that really matters.

Randal feels that he should win because of his undefeated record. He cites his academics, his work background his 3-0 PM record, the fact that he was always the member drafted to a new team, and more as reasons for his victories. Rebecca counters suggesting that even though her record is not as stellar and Randal’s she has received accolades from all of the executives she has worked for even in the face of these losses. Then Trump asks Rebecca why there was not actual fund raising at the event and Rebecca claims that she was trying to please Yahoo as the client. Trump then distinguishes that he believes that the client was the charity and not the sponsor. Randal harps on this same point and Rebecca is taking a bit of a beating. In order to even things up, Trump asks Randal why the auction was so disorganized. There was not list of items for sale and this prevented purchases from being able to decide where their money was best spent. Carolyn then jumps on Randal for not having a Plan B, to which Randal answers that there was only a 30% chance of rain. Carolyn chides him saying that there should have been a plan B if there was a 10% chance.

Now the big question. Why shouldn’t Rebecca win? Randal feels that Rebecca is young, and that her record speaks for itself, 1-2, losing. The question reversed reveals that Rebecca respects Randal but that she feels Randal over thinks things and misses the important smaller details. She says that he is weak on determining what is central to accomplishing objectives. Randal retorts that her claims are ludicrous stating that if this was true that there is no way that he would have won three tasks. The bickering is then cut short and Randal and Rebecca are excused with the boardroom to continue live at Lincoln center.

The candidates make their grand entrances into the final boardroom and the big news is that Rebecca is off of the crutches.

The former candidates get a chance to spout off and Toral is completely in Rebecca’s corner. Marshawn believes that Randal is the easy choice. Jennifer M. was a Randal fan from the start and still is one now. Alla shoots straight and believes that Rebecca isn’t in Randal’s league and that personally Alla sees nothing in Rebecca.

As a sidebar, Yahoo makes a donation that the Donald basically forced them into of $100,000 split evenly to Autism Speaks and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Now for the jobs the winner will choose from, he/she will get to choose from a condo complex in North Jersey or a major casino renovation of Trump’s 3 properties in Atlantic City. Randal chooses Atlantic City, while Rebecca chooses the condos as they are closer to NYC.

In final comments, Trump asks Rebecca if there is such a thing as too much education and Rebecca says that she will not undermine education and that it is more important to be able to use whatever education that you have. Randal is then asked if he thinks Rebecca is tough enough and Randal says that he does not believe that Rebecca is experienced enough to effectively lead a team to victory. Randal believes that he should gets the job by having more than half the candidates stand in support of him, after being cut off, Trump moves to Rebecca and she states that if there is a concrete wall in front of her she will walk through it. She states her credentials such as working a non-profit with Colin Powell and raising $750,000, and caps it of by answering Mr. Trump that she does believe that absolutely she is a better Apprentice than Randal. Randal shuts her down stating that he runs business and Rebecca writes about business. That will be the end of that. It’s Donald’s turn now.

After numerous praises were handed to both sides, Trump brings his decision…

Rebecca, You’re Outstanding…

Randal, You’re Hired!

But wait!!! There’s more!

Randal jumps up and shouts in celebratory cheers and then Trump pulls Randal back to the table for an opinion. Trump simply asks Randal what he thinks of Rebecca and Randal says that Rebecca has done an outstanding job, that she has much to be proud of and that she has many supporters.

Then the second question, Should I Hire Rebecca?

Randal’s Answer: “I firmly believe that this is the Apprentice, that there is one and only on apprentice and if you are going to hire someone tonight it should be one, it’s not the Apprenti, it’s the Apprentice.”

Trump says that on Randal’s advice he will leave it at that then and suggests that he could have been convinced otherwise. Alla, Felisha, Clay and Josh are all applauding in the background and Rebecca still isn’t letting anyone see her sweat. I’m sure there are great things in store for both Randal and Rebecca in the future. With that said we bid a fair ado to season 4 of The Apprentice. Season 5 will be around soon enough, so if you want to see you name on these pages, apply quick. Maybe you’ll end up in a GSNN recap.

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