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Eighteen men and women have been chosen by the most powerful man in real estate for a 15-week job interview, in which only one can be named president of one of his companies.

Who will Donald Trump choose as his next Apprentice?

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Host: Donald Trump
Assistants: George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, Jay Bienstock
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions.
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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"Bedazzled by a Beefy T" - April 28

Strategy is all that is on Kendra's mind as she waits to see who will come back from the board room. While everyone seems to be in agreement that they expect Alex to come back, Kendra would like to see him gone as she considers Bren to be less competition. Unfortunately, her prayers are not answered and Alex comes back through the doors spouting about how tough that boardroom was, especially having to go against his good buddy Bren. However, after a good night's sleep all the candidates seem to be back in throat slashing mode, ready for a new task, but first, we need to have a corporate restructuring.

Net Worth, in a slump only the Ulong tribe could be proud of, is now comprised of Alex alone who must decide what Magna member will be doomed to failure… I mean will switch sides. In an attempt to cause some disturbances Alex chooses Tana leaving Kendra and Craig to fight amongst each other on the Magna side. Now that the teams are set for the very last time, it's on to the task.

This time around the candidates have been asked to design commemorative T-shirts for Hanes celebrating 50 years of T-shirt culture. (T-shirt culture being slang for "slacker-wear.") To aid them, each team was assigned a pop culture artist, and was given space in a trendy fashion store called Scoop to sell their product. Simply put, whoever makes the most money wins. Go.

Kendra and Craig who for the moment are seeming amicable meet with their artist, Romero Britto, who does art ranging from funky shirts like the one he was wearing (think candy heart overload) to works that are shown in the Smithsonian. In drafting early designs, the major dispute seems to be which of two major designs to go for. Kendra loves the heart design and asks Craig his opinion, which is that he prefers the star. Kendra, taking Craig's opinion into no account, chooses the heart, exercising her power as project manager. As Craig says, Kendra only asks his opinion where she wants to do the exact opposite. So apparently Thursdays are opposite days.

If it's opposite day, this might just mean that Net Worth can pull off an upset. Or so Alex thinks, as he is psyched to be working with Tana on a T-shirt task because she has run fashion boutiques before. Based on her expertise, Alex and Tana agree that Tana should be project manager and they quickly begin sketches eager to win. Midway through their designing, artist Burton Morris, whose work can be seen on Friends and the Academy Awards, joined them. Designing went smoothly, but the best of their design is yet to come.

This GSNN Primes recap is brought to you by the Donald, who wishes to remind you to "Keep your eyes on the prize." Don't let yourself get sidetracked by less important tasks. Watch your reality shows first, and then do your work. After all, why work when you can watch others do the work on The Apprentice.

Ok, so maybe that isn't what the Donald meant by keeping your eyes on the prize, but his messages always forewarn what danger is to come in every episode. Enter the Bedazzler, Tana's favorite toy that adds cheap Barbie Dreamhouse-esque rhinestones and jewels to anything for just pennies a pop. Tana is so excited about adding these to the T-shirts that after failing to find the Bedazzler in Manhattan, she deems it necessary to take a trip to Staten Island just to pick up the gems. Hey, it made her $10,000 during the Olympics; it has to be worth it in NYC.

Back at Magna, the claws have come out as Craig has confronted Kendra about how she really doesn't want his opinion at all. After a price point argument, he shot down her time-management skills and lack of openness. Kendra then retorted by saying that Craig doesn't even have the skills that he complains she doesn't have. This argument could be recapped for a year, but Carolyn says all that is necessary by pointing out that these tiffs between Craig and Kendra could end up hurting them where it counts. For those who don't know where that is, Kendra had a really good idea, exclaiming later that Craig was a donkey's bottom, but in a less professional way.

So let's warm up those cash registers and sell, sell, sell! Alex and Tana are selling their design at $42.99 for a men's T-shirt and $54.99 for a women's T-shirt, bedazzled of course! They seem to be having some mild interest, but only as much interest as can be generated by handing out flyers on the sidewalk right in front of the store. Poor Alex stood outside and attempted to promote their artist's new T-shirt only to learn that no one knew or cared who he or his artist was.

Meanwhile at Magna, Craig and Kendra have settled on a price point lower than Net Worth, selling short sleeve T's for $25 and long sleeved shirts for $35. We learn through George's astute questioning that Magna sent out an email to over 3,000 fans of their artist letting them know that there would be a limited edition sale of his T-shirt at their store for one day only. This little exclusive seemed to be working wonders as customers were coming in looking specifically for their shirt leaving with 3 or more in hand. Craig, trying to do his part, began to offer discounts to customers that agreed prior to his offer to buy multiple shirts. Kendra seeing this, bared her claws, and scolded him for giving their hard earned money away unnecessarily. (Apparently someone remembers the QVC challenge from last season where the winning difference was about $10)

The sales continued all day, and after the registers closed, it was time to head back to the boardroom to face the Donald. But first, in honor of all of those registers…

…don't forget, when you hear that beep, think of all the fun you could have if Pax didn't cancel Supermarket Sweep.

Sitting side by side Magna and Net Worth looked nervous but tried to display confidence. Craig even went as far to say in his opening comment that he was sure that Magna had Net Worth beat. While Kendra agreed, there was no team unity. When Craig tried to take credit for all of the selling, Kendra was forced to claim that she had a role in their sales as well.

On the Net Worth side, everything was hunky-dory, as both Tana and Alex were proud of their product and their work. At least they were until they heard the results.

NET WORTH: 33 Shirts, Total: $1147.95
MAGNA: 101 Shirts, Total: $2705.00

Net Worth looking like it had been kicked square in the gut prepared to return to the board room while Magna got to Dogfight in jet planes as a reward. Finally, a sanctioned fight between Craig and Kendra! I wish there were juicy details, but long story short, Kendra smoked Craig and there are only two weeks left, so in her own words, "I have two more weeks and two more dogfights. Two more people to smoke and I'm the apprentice." Only time (or spoilers) will tell.

In the boardroom, Tana maintains her nice demeanor but states that she believes the biggest weakness was their marketing, for which she blames Alex. Knowing that he had done marketing on may previous tasks, she assumed he would deliver here and she felt he didn't. Alex took offense to this pointing out that he had tried to get Tana to talk about marketing numerous times, but all she was interested in was her silly Bedazzler. As if she heard PeeWee's magic word, Tana lit up telling her story about how she made $10,000 dollars off of her $10 Bedazzler and that the jewels alone were adding $12 to the price point. She loves it. The sparkle, the shine, the glitz, the glamour. Unfortunately for Tana, the only "the" that matters is the Donald and he has had it with the Bedazzler, claiming, who cares about a few plastic jewels, I don't want to hire somebody who sticks jewels on T-shirts.

Alex further complained that Tana didn't delegate enough, to which George asked how much delegating she should do considering that there are only two people on the team. Once everyone agreed that Net Worth did an all around horrible job. The candidates were sent out so that Carolyn and George could speak their words in private. George felt Alex showed more fire and Carolyn agreed and felt that Tana was a great saleswoman but just too nice of a person More importantly, after this boardroom, she could not see Tana running one of Trump's companies.

Re-entering the boardroom, Tana was forced to defend herself and claimed that they lost because they didn't sell art, but rather they sold "a stinking T-shirt." She blamed Alex more directly, and for the first time, Tana showed a little bit of meanness. Then the Bedazzler returned and Tana was chided for making such a long trip to get Bedazzler gems. In order to divert attention Alex, brought up the marketing difficulties (wait, did he want to divert Trump's attention away from Tana?). Eventually it all came down to records, Tana raising the fact that as project manager this is her first loss. She added that one of her two project manager victories was over Alex. Trump asked Alex about his record and Alex slipped saying that he only lost once as project manager, and it was all downhill from there. Alex lost twice (once with the Staples Packrat and again with Wearable Tech at American Eagle) and based on that slip in combination with not stepping up on this task, Alex heard those magic words…. the Bedazzler! I mean, you're fired.

Next week, Tana, Craig and Kendra face the Trump interview process, a fierce 3-way boardroom, and a swift firing all (supposedly) in the first half hour. That's a combination guaranteed to make you say… See you next week.

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