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Eighteen men and women have been chosen by the most powerful man in real estate for a 15-week job interview, in which only one can be named president of one of his companies.

Who will Donald Trump choose as his next Apprentice?

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Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host: Donald Trump
Assistants: George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, Jay Bienstock
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions.
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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"The Pepsi Challenged" - November 25

Well, I was sort of wondering how they were going to cut episodes now - and now I know. Jennifer doesn't think that Wes would be coming back - and she's half right. Andy comes back to tell them the news - that Maria has left with Wes. Jen is shocked and Kelly is rubbing his face with his hands. Andy explains the story as they all realize that it's the final 6.

As Ivana says, 'It's time to break from the pack at this point.' and Kevin says that Mr. Trump is going for leaders. With that being said, everyone is jockeying for the project manager position. Ivana wants to have the shot for Apex, but after Jennifer, Kelly and Kevin also want it, they decide to draw lots. The strategy is simple, in the words of Kelly - if they win, then the leader gets to go to the final four. They draw lots, and...Kelly is the project manager. Kelly asks if it's ok. The group complies and they all share huggy time.

Ivana is far from ok with it. She decides that Jen has been the thorn in her side. She goes back to last episode, when Jen stole her idea, and she wants to be separated from her. She, Kelly and Kevin all talk - and agree that if they get to send someone over, it will be Jen. Ivana thinks that Jen has an advantage because of her ass....ets, and Kelly has had problems working with her as well. Jen meanwhile, hears them talking about her, and since she isn't being involved in the conversation, she assumes that what's they are talking about isn't good.

She'll find out about it first hand as they all meet at Trump Place - Trump's new property on the West Side. When they get there, Kelly sees that he has to deal with another thorn in his side - Andy, who's now the project manager of Mosaic. Trump tells them all that they will be creating a new bottle and marketing campaign for Pepsi Edge, and the team with the best idea, according to Dave Berwin (Marketing Manager for Pepsi) wins.

Trump tells Apex (who are up 4-2 over Mosaic) to get rid of a member - and they are quick to decide that Jen will be going over. Donald asks why, and he is told that they wanted to keep the strongest three together. Well, that has to hurt Jen, as she goes over to Andy and Sandy.

Ivana describes the mood when Jen left - 'My back felt lighter because I wasn't carrying this blonde Barbie anymore.' Ouch. The blonde Barbies talk while Jen would like nothing better than to stick Apex with a loss.

Trump's message - 'Form Your Own Opinion'. You should always listen to the team - but always form your own opinion, because the leader who wants to be loved will eventually not make it. We'll see who that falls under later, but right now, everyone is happy. Eventually, someone won't be.

Mosaic brainstorms on taking the tag line - 'The best of both worlds' and decides to build on it. They have the idea on creating games on 'World-based' themes, and they create a country matching game - each cap has a different country. If you collect all of the countries, you get to travel to that continent. Andy was enjoying the idea - perhaps a little too much, as both women were annoyed at his over-hyperness. He continues to drink the Pepsi, which would probably explain the caffeine overload. He continues to spiel and the women are staring at him.

Kevin is staring at Ivana, as she talks about shaping the bottle like a form of the Oscars. As the returning George looks on, Kelly has the idea of creating the 'EDGE' words as the shape of a hole - which would be good for holding movie tickets, or putting promotional prizes in the hole. Ivana suggests a hot dog - or a boob. Wha? Kelly says that Ivana may be going over the deep end in terms of selling sex - and he may be wondering if he sent the wrong woman over. They go with the 'EDGE' idea and go forward with the designing.

Back to Mosaic, as Sandy wants to have the bottle shaped like a globe. That won't work, because you wouldn't be able to hold it, but Jen has a better idea by sticking the globe on the top and bottom while making the middle section grabable. That upsets Sandy, who doesn't think that she is being utilized.

Off to designing the bottle. The designers don't like Kelly's idea, but he insists on doing it his way and the designers go on ahead. Ivana was concerned that because they did everything so quickly that they may have overlooked something, adding that if Kelly's military style (since we was in the military) doesn't work, this can bite him in the butt, but no one can think of anything else that needs to be done, so they head on back home.

On Mosaic's side, Carolyn watches as the design teams works on it. Andy thinks that they are moving slow, so he suggests to use the incentive of adding $100 bonuses - if they go faster. Sandy detests the approach, calling is a 'Used Car Salesman' technique. If she hated that, then she's really going to hate this - pizzas show up - and Andy doesn't allow the pizzas into the room until the designers are finished. Wha? 'If you relax on this design team, then they will not meet these deadlines.' The guys complain that they can smell the pizza, but Andy reminds them that they are all $100 richer. Sandy calls him a slavedriver, and I really have to wonder if Andy is actually more militaristic than Kelly.

The next morning, both teams show up to see their new bottles. Apex loves the hole idea and Kevin adds that Kelly's idea looks like a winner. Andy swears to beat Kelly, adding that the win means everything to him. While they work on their campaign, everyone in Apex recites in their mind what they are going to say - and they sound like crazy people, which is fine, as long as they don't sound like it... the presentation, which looks like an amphitheater. 'It feels like we were walking into the stadium in Gladiator' says Ivana, as the place help over 100 people. Kelly leads off Apex's presentation, saying that they put the box into Pepsi's edge. Ivana talks about the promotional uses of the box, while Kevin (who isn't sweating profusely) talks about all of the incentives - and the mystery of checking what's in the box. They seemed to be very smooth and Apex was excited about it.

It's now Mosaic's turn. Andy talks - and he's sounding more like talking into a debate than trying to pitch a product. He is rambling on as the marketers are staring quizzically at the bottle. They are also staring quizzically at Sandy, who butchers her speech as she effectively loses everyone. Jen and Andy try, but they not only have the weaker idea, they also have the weaker presentation.

In deliberations, the group says that the global bottle was ugly, adding that they were wondering when the last time geography was cool. They think that the 'EDGE' bottle was cool, and properly represents the product. They call Donald and says that in terms of creativity and following the product idea, Apex wins! As a reward, they go via helicopter to the Poconos Racetrack and race lamborginis. Apex rejoices while Andy says a word that has to be bleeped out. That pretty much explains it all.

WHile Apex is racing around the track, the minds of Andy, Sandy and Jen are racing as well as they try to figure out who to target. When Apex comes back, Ivana tells Andy that Jen is very good in the Boardroom, but Donald wants to get rid of Jen. Andy doesn't agree with her, as he conspires with Jen to get rid of Sandy. They talk about them both teaming up gainst Sandy - and Jen agrees. Sandy asks Jen how Andy did as a leader, and Jen says that he did fine. Sandy then talks about Andy's immaturity, him handing out money and him withholding the pizza, and that may get Jen thinking in the other direction...

We'll see where she goes in the Board Room, where Donald asks who came up with the concept. Andy said that he did - and he liked the idea. George despises the bottle, saying that you can't fit it in the car, while Donald says that it could be a good barbell. Heh. George says that promoting the bottle is the key. Sandy said that Jen was in charge of the bottle while she was in charge of creating the idea.

Andy is asked who was the least creative member, and Andy says Sandy, which stuns her, because she came up with the game idea. They go after each other, with Andy saying that Sandy took ideas that Andy and Jen created. He also says that Jen is smarter and Sandy was easier to manage. Sandy talks about the money and the pizza episode. Andy tries to get out of it, but Carolyn forces him to admit that he did use cash incentives to get the group to work better.

Jen is asked how Andy did. She says that Andy is inexperienced, but is enthusiastic, adding that he has energy. Carolyn says that it is a safe answer, but Jen says that it isn't a safe answer because it's the truth. Donald asks her how Andy did and she said solid, adding that she can't say excellent because they lost the task. She said that Sandy did an ok job - but not as good as Andy.

Donald talks about how everyone likes each other - until they lose. Andy and Sandy go after each other again. Donald asks Andy what Sandy did do, and he said that she did the label. Donald decides that all three of them will come back as they deliberate on who should be leaving.

During deliberations, George liked the way that Sandy defended herself, adding that Andy wasn't strong. Carolyn wonders why every project manager defends Jen. Andy and Sandy are still arguing outside when Donald calls them back in. Donald asks why Jen is sliding by. Jen asks if that means that she hasn't been brought by a project manager into the board room. When Donald says yes, she replies that it's because she's never lost as a project manager, and she does a great job when working under any other project manager. Andy agrees with that, and Donald seems to be impressed. Bonus points for Jen. Sandy is asked who did the worst job, and she says Jen - because she is under the radar. Touche'

Jen and Sandy are now getting into it in terms of who did what. When Sandy says that the bottle was why they lost, Jennifer says that she and Andy were talking earlier on that day. That sets Sandy off, and she goes after both of them for conspiring against her. They both deny it, saying that Ivana came over to them, but Sandy wants none of that and she goes after Andy. Andy disagrees with that, but Donald says that Andy, the debating champion is being beaten badly by Sandy.

Sandy finally puts two and two together - and she tells Andy that he told Jen that she was safe, adding that it gave both of them all day to build a case against her. Andy does admit that this was indeed the case, and that's probably the worst thing he could have done, because he can't put in a word in edgewise. Sandy keeps on wailing on him, and all Andy can do is nod his head up and down and agree with her. Donald breaks this up and spares Andy any further humiliation. 'I just don't want somebody running one of my companies that's going to be beaten up so badly. You're fired.'

The women leave Andy alone in the Boardroom as they head on to the elevators, and Sandy still giving Jen a piece of her mind. Andy is the only person to stick around and thank Donald for the opportunity before he leaves. When he does, Donald thought that Sandy was going, but he realized that Sandy just out spunked him. 'I always thought that women were tougher than men. This just proves it.'

But what does it prove in the standings chart?
So Far, So Good - Kelly, Kevin, Jennifer M.
In Trouble - Ivana, Sandy
You're Fired - Andy

Before the coming attractions, Andy is in the cab, complaining that he'll never get a job. Raj says he will - he's the cab driver. Way to have a sense of worth, Raj. I hope he got paid well.

Next week - They teams sell chocolate and the women take selling themselves a little too far. Join us in 7 days to see how far is too far.

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