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Today is

Round of 3: "The Wheel of Death" - May 17

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I hope you have been kind to your mamas...and your llama mamas...this past weekend.
Jason:   We know Chris had time to do so.
Gordon: He certainly did. We start with Jason Block. Jason - did you spend more time with your mama, or your llama mama?
Jason:   My llama mama.
Gordon: We also have a person who has dealt with plenty of llamas this season, Mr. Don Harpwood.
Don: I might have enough to fill a stable soon...
Gordon: And finally we have my grandmama, who is not a llama, it's Grandma Pepper!
Jason:   Yay Grandma!
Grandma Pepper: Wow. Talk about crunch time.
Gordon: And being that it's Mother's Week, we start with Grandma, who brought up an interesting point.
Grandma Pepper: After the show, Fox 5 news in NYC had an interview with Randy Jackson, who said that he thought that Elliott was going home.
Gordon: We'll see if he's right, as we start off with... SAFE OR OUT!!!!

Jason:   Ok.
Gordon: Tonight is a little different, as we are down to 3 people. It's now Safe, Bailout or Out.
Don: Alright.
Gordon: 5 points for the Out. 3 if the person leaving is the Bailout.
Jason:   Ok.
Gordon: We start with everyone's choice...
Taylor Hicks
Don: Safe.  The Soul Patrol has stamped his ticket to the final.
Jason:   That was his night to shine. He is the favorite...and it's his night to lose. SAFE.
Gordon: I'll go with the majority. I think he gets to the finals. I think the finals could be either be a romp or a battle.
Grandma Pepper: Safe. At this point, my vibes are that it could be his to lose.
Chico (via e-mail): Safe
Anthony (via e-mail): Safe
Katharine McPhee
Don: She could make things interesting next week.  Bailout.
Grandma Pepper: I still love Katharine. I'm still voting for Katharine. I'm still hoping that she'll be the American Idol. but for right now, she's the bailout.
Jason:   I am going to call the upset here. I think her attitude with the judges is going to cost her votes. And the songs didn't connect with me. Was Over the Rainbow enough? No. OUT.
Gordon: I think that Katharine gets in because 1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was great. and 2. She has 2 pieces of charisma that Elliott doesn't have - Miss Melon and Miss Mango. Bailout.
Don: lol
Chico (via e-mail): Bailout
Anthony (via e-mail): Bailout
Elliott Yamin
Grandma Pepper: Out.
Don: He did great to get this far, but it looks like this is as far as he'll go.  Out.
Jason:   This was a tough call for me. I think that he was boring, and mediocre. But Katharine may have cost herself enough votes. BAILOUT.
Gordon: I don't think she did. I'm not betting anything, since anything can happen, but I think that he's run up against 2 buzzsaws last night and the run
is over. OUT.
Chico (via e-mail): Out
Anthony (via e-mail): Out
Jason:  Is the show a full hour tonight?
Gordon: Yep
Jason:   Yipe.
Gordon: Which means 55 minutes of filler...
Jason:   Yes.

(Gordon's Phone rings)

Gordon: Hold on... Yo.
Chico (via phone): Hey, how's it going?
Gordon: Good, what's up?
Chico (via phone): Is it too late to change my bet?
Gordon: Umm... No.
Chico (via phone): Give me Katharine for bailout and Elliott for out. I think Kat has a rebound in a self-righting round.
Gordon: Got it. So to sum this up...
Gordon: Safe - Taylor, Bailout - Katharine, out - Elliott
Grandma Pepper: Safe - Taylor, Bailout - Katharine, out - Elliott
Chico: Safe - Taylor, Bailout - Katharine, out - Elliott
Anthony: Safe - Taylor, Bailout - Katharine, out - Elliott
Jason:   Safe- Taylor, Bailout - Elliott, Out--Katharine
Don: Safe: Taylor.  Bailout: Katharine.  Out: Elliott.

Gordon: And we're live!
Gordon: Over 50 million votes are in The margin was....
Jason:   ...close
Gordon: We are reintroduced to the judges - Randy (who thought Elliott was leaving), Paula (who wants Elliott to win the whole thing) and Simon (who still wants to see Chris in the competition).
Jason: Ok.
Gordon: Recap time - Randy liked Elliott's first selection, but not Katharine's, while Simon liked Katharine's choice. Taylor danced in the dark with Paula, who loved Elliott's choice (as she should, since she's rooting for him), Katharine went over the rainbow, and Randy loved Taylor. Third choice - Elliott was a funky white boy, Katharine's choice was ok, and Taylor was strong.
Jason:   We are back with the Ford
Don: What the...?
Gordon: We have the Ford Commercial, and the singers are all around 40 years older than what they should be.
Jason:   Try 60.
Gordon: Ryan describes the percentages... 33.06... 33.26... 33.68. And then he brings up the lowest of the three. That belongs to...
Elliott Yamin.
Gordon: So close, yet so far. Once again, everyone (except Jason) gets it right.
Jason:   Oh well.
Gordon: Ryan congratulates Elliott for getting this far. Elliott's Mom Claudette gets one more shout-out. We get the funeral video. Elliott gets one more song and we're done.
Jason:   So--The Soul Patrol v. the McPheevers.
Don: Oughta be a good final.
Gordon: Should be - and with 33.06% of the vote up for grabs, this ought to be a very interesting finals. Here's a final look at the leaderboard...

36 - Gordon
35 - Grandma Pepper
33 - Chico
29 - Donut
27 - Anthony
28 - Jason

Jason:   This is not going to be even close. Taylor in a crush.
Gordon: Any final words until the finals?
Grandma Pepper: I can't wait for next week
Don: Same here.
Jason:   Yes. Katharine, don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Gordon: Well, we think that it's Taylor's to lose. We'll find out next week.
if he does - or if he's the man who wins it. For everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, wishing you all a pleasant Game Over.


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