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June 17

September 2

Piers, Sharon, and the Hoff embark on a cross-country search for million dollar talent...

This is what they find.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper & Don Harpwood, GSNN

Host: Jerry Springer
Judges: David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne
Creator: Simon Cowell
EP: Simon Cowell, Ken Warwick, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Jason Raff
Packager: Syco TV, FremantleMedia North America

Airs: 9pm ET Tuesdays on NBC


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Round of 10
September 17

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper - and are you ready for the Round of 10? I am. Jason Block is. Don Harpwood is. Jerry Springer is.
Don: This should be good.
Gordon: Who will win the million and the trip to Vegas? Us voters get to decide. The judges can't save anyone anymore. Piers hopes that the sympathy votes are over...maybe. We get the mandatory spiel and recap from Jerry Springer, which of course you need for a 2 hour show with 10 acts. First 11 minutes, despite the fact that this week is heroes week and the performers will be talking about their heroes...nothing.
Don: And I have nothing to say so far.
Gordon: There's nothing worth saying. Maybe Paul Salos will give us something to talk about. Failure is not an option for Paul, who used to be in the armed services and that's where his heroes are. Paul is the Frank Sinatra impersonator, and he selects the right song - Frank Sinatra's New York New York. Piers buzzes him and that seems to charge him up. he sings much better after the buzzer. The problem is that he's missing both notes and lyrics both before and after the buzzer.
Don: Could've been worse, but... yeah, could've been better.
Gordon: Paul is flabbergasted to be there. Piers says that he did Sinatra this stage of the competition, he is not a million dollar act. The audience boos Piers, and Sharon says that thank G-d Piers doesn't get to decide. David also disagrees with Piers, saying that he nailed it and he wouldn't be surprised if he made the Top 5. I would be surprised.
Don: I agree with that.
Gordon: Next up - 4 year old Kaitlynn Maher. Who's a 4 year old's hero? Daddy.
Don: Of course.
Gordon: Kaitlynn sings "I'll be there' I would like to 'X' to the person who picked the song. Terrible choice - she can't hit either the lower or higher register.
Jason: You don't make a kid hit high notes when she has a cold.
Gordon: Her parents or whoever chose that song should be shot.
Don: There were definitely a few rough parts, but I'm still impressed by her.
Gordon: I'm impressed that she got that far. Piers says that for a 4 year old to remember the words is amazing. He's right. He also says it wouldn't be fair to stick her on a Las Vegas stage - and that gets boos from the audience...but he's also right.
Jason: I agree.
Gordon: Sharon loved the song choice and David is happy to be on the journey with Kaitlynn, adding she did a great job.
Jason: She did OK. She may make the finals.
Gordon: Again, she nailed the words and was technically excellent - but the song choice may do her in this week, I'm afraid.
Jason: I dont think so. I think she makes it.
Gordon: I think it depends on what the other 8 musical performers do. She may make it if a few of the people falter. Next up - Donald Braswell, who thinks that it's unbelievable that he's gotten this far. His wife is his strength and pillar of hope, who supported him after he is run over by an automobile. As for the singing - An X to Donald for selecting a song that no one has ever heard of.
Don: I know I can't recall hearing that song before...
Gordon: Another 'X' to the sound technician for us not being able to hear him.
Jason: And an X for me. I hate Josh Groban...and I hate Josh Groban wannabes.
Gordon: He sings it well, but he's gotta do better than that at this stage. The Hoff is right - he needs to connect with the audience and that is the wrong song to connect with. Piers wonders if he is as good as some of the others. Sharon thought he is a fabulous romantic song singer. David would buy his album in a minute.
Jason: I wouldn't.
Don: Me neither.
Gordon: I may, if he has music I've heard of.
Jason: His music makes my ears bleed.
Gordon: He's not THAT bad. Though then again, I like Josh Groban.
Jason: I don't. I never had.
Gordon: Hopefully, you prefer Jessicas Price over Josh Groban, because she's next.
Jason: OK.
Gordon: She sings 'In the Arms of an Angel', and dedicates it to her mom. Whats up with the technical sound director this evening? Its coming in way too distorted. Unfortunately, the technician has nothing to do with the pitch. X. She does recover in the second half of the song, but the first half was painful to listen to.
Jason: Ugh. Sarah McLachlan she isn't. X.
Gordon: And she has pitch issues near the end of the song also.
Don: That didn't do much for me, either. X
Gordon: Piers says that it all came together this week (no it didn't). Sharon says that the song was perfect (no it wasn't) and David says that she channelled her pain and heartache through the song (maybe she did). He also says that she can win the competition (no she can't). Next up...ELVIS!
Jason: He is in the building?
Gordon: Joseph Hall is in the building. And Mr. Hall dedicates the song 'A Little Less Conversation' for his father. And we have dancers disguised as screaming fangirls.
Don: Think those jumping ladies in the audience were planted there?
Jason: Uh...yeah. He is mumbling the lyrics. Bye. X Elvis has left the building.
Gordon: Actually, I thought that this was the best that I've seen him. If the sound technician did any justice, he'd be in. The problem, as Jay said (and I agree) is that the sound was terrible. The sound technnicians tonight should be shot.
Jason: I agree.
Gordon: Piers says the singing was terrible, but he was entertaining. Sharon says she couldn't hear the song because everyone was screaming. That's being diplomatic. She says that it was fun. David thought he sounded terrific. David is delusional.
Don: Heh.
Gordon: 5 more acts to go. Neal E. Boyd is next - and he is taking a risk on 'All By Myself'. He was lonely as the big fat kid. AwwwBarf. He found his choir director in the hallway and told him to audition for the choir. He dedicates the performance to William T. Gregor. Mr. Gregor will not be happy to hear him mangle the opening bottom notes.
Jason: He is the best I have heard tonight...but that is not saying much.
Gordon: I could not disagree more. This is a new level of pain. X
Don: I thought the second half was good. The first half, I wasn't really impressed with.
Gordon: I didn't like either half, and the erupting for me was too little, too late. Piers equates him to a volcano, and he erupted...BUT...he tells Neal to go back with opera. Sharon got all goosebumpy on the second half of the song. However, Sharon didn't like the song choice - and me neither. what's up with the bad song selection?
Jason: American Idol syndrome.
Gordon: David said oh no to the first part and David calls him the front-runner. I'm not so sure he makes it to next week, kids. Do you think he makes it?
Don: I'm not sure. I think it may depend on how the remaining acts do.
Gordon: The Wright Kids are up next. Their hero is their music teacher, Sharon. Sharon apparently doesn't have a last name, but I'm sure all the Sharon's out there in the world will feel loved. They perform 'ABC' on top of giant building blocks. It's a blah song that's just there. They were technically smooth, but the musicality wasn't there. The song selection this week is just plain old awful.
Don: It was good, but honestly, I wouldn't call it exciting.
Gordon: Piers says that they were amazing - but the competition is ferocious, but they did everyone proud. Sharon thought it was very well done. David thought last week was better, but he loves them.
Gordon: Are these people performing to try to not be in the Top 5?
Jason: I think so.
Gordon: Maybe Queen Emily wants to be in the Top5. She sings the song for her mother, who is her hero. She sings 'And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going'...Hey! We finally found someone who wants to win! And she's in tune, too! Bonus!
Jason: She is UNDERPOWERING her performance. Which is a plus
Gordon: I agree. She's not screaming out the song. She's actually singing it.
Don: She's definitely sticking around. Great performance!
Gordon: Best performance of the night, by a mile.
Jason: Agreed.
Gordon: Piers calls her something special, adding that she ripped the stage to pieces. Sharon calls her the perfect combination of talent and stage presence. David calls her a money player and throws in a bunch of sports cliche's. I think this is the first person who is a lock for the finals.
Jason: I agree. Everyone else is up for grabs.
Don: Definitely.
Gordon: Next up - Nuttin' But Strings, who will do a big risk for their hero - mommy. They are playing an original piece of music. This could be very good...or really really bad.
Don: A big risk, eh? Oh, boy...
Gordon: They play...and have circus performers around them? Huh? I think the song itself is boring - but I also think that based on what everyone else did, it will be good enough to get them through.
Don: I thought it sounded nice.
Jason: That is an ACT. This is EXACTLY what AGT is looking for. That is your winner right there.
Gordon: Piers says that they are the act that he would pay money to see. Sharon loves their vision. NBS add that its their own original music. Sharon loves the versatility. And she loved the Cirque Du Soleil girls and she wants to meet their mom. David says that they are fresh every time they come out. I personally thought they took a step backwards, but I think they are a lock for the finals. Now can we have something better than this week, please?
Don: Ok.
Gordon: The final performer for the night - Eli Mattson. He thought he could have sung last week better - but his idol is Elton John. he got to see Elton when he was 12 years old. He says the song's going to be good - or not. I'm guessing since he's last, it's going to be really good. Now remember when we were talking about emotionally connecting and finding the right songs?
Jason: Yeah. This is it.
Gordon: THIS is a perfect song for Eli, just like Queen Emily picked the perfect song for her.
Jason: He has a David Cook vibe to him.
Gordon: Sure does - and he just nails the piano part. And that's lock #3 for the finals.
Don: Wow. I am really impressed.
Jason: That's your favorite in the finals?
Gordon: He sure is my favorite to win the whole thing. Piers thought it went great, and called the piano playing spectacular. Sharon says that Elton would not be disappointed. Piers reminds people to vote for the best talent, and not the sympathy vote. Kaitlyn Maher haters, anyone? David calls him a money player and says that he nailed it. And we get the final 10 reminder to call in graphic. So who makes the Top 5?
Jason: Queen Emily, NBS, Eli Mattson, Kaitlyn Maher, and Neal E. Boyd.
Don: Well, Queen Emily, NBS, and Eli Mattson are definitely advancing. As for the other 2, it's a tougher pick, but I'll agree that Kaitlyn and Neal will also go through.
Gordon: I'm going to be a bit different. I'll go Eli, NBS, Emily, Kaitlynn...and Donald Braswell. Neal E Boyd gets bounced in a massive upset.
Jason: I wouldn't be shocked.
Gordon: We''ll see in 24 hours. For the Donut and the Block, this is The Pepper, saying game over and spread the love.