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A fortune in cash is out there somewhere waiting for you to find it... and you have only THREE days to do it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Brandon Johnson
Creator Michael Maddocks
Jeff Spangler
Howard Schultz
EP Howard Schultz
Rob LaPlante
Jeff Spangler
Packager Lighthearted Entertainment for TNT Original Productions
Web tntdrama.com/series/72-hours/ 
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New Zealand Alps
July 12

Nine strangers, teamed in groups of three, are about to be whisked away to the frigid Southern Alps of New Zealand for 72 hours with no food, no shelter, and only one bottle of water. Danger awaits them at every corner, but if they make it out on the other side, there is $100,000 waiting for them.


44; Chicago; sales executive
32; Van Nuys, CA; waitress
35; Long Beach, CA; ex-MLB pitcher
30; Brick, NJ; corrections officer
30; Morristown, NJ; lawyer
48; Austin, TX; professional organizer
45; Poconos, PA; full-time mom
26; Durango, CO; firefighter
26; Sarasota, FL; dancer

There's only one rule... Be the first team to find the briefcase of money... and you get to take it home. But there is a catch. You have to FIND IT first. Aside from fresh clothes and a bottle of water each, you have a GPS and a walkie-talkie. The GPS will lead you to supply drops toward the money, and the radio will be your lifeline for survival.

And the adventure for $100,000... STARTS NOW!

The first Supply Drop is located 3 miles away above Slip Creek, designated by an orange windsock.

It's the first day, and Frank's already stretching his hammies out. And his team is in third.


First to the orange windsock.. Green Team. Each team has their choice of items in three identical cases. Every supply is useful, but not every item is necessary for survival, so choosing the right items to carry with you is crucial.


The Reds and Blues are right behind.

REDS: First aid kit, flares & flint, hammock, 2 walking sticks, warm clothes & ponchos, fishing rod

... but Frank now has lost the radio. The others quickly find it. "No more losing (BLEEP)!"

All the teams are now on their way to Supply Drop 2, over the glacier 13 miles away on the banks of the Matukituki River. Reds lead.

Alanna has a medical condition, Raynaud's, which means that she doesn't get circulation to her hands and feet. The question: do they call for a Relief Drop to help that out? They do...

Each team is equipped with the ability to call for a Relief Drop, which will always contain water, limited food, and supplies. You can call for it if you need it, but it comes with a one-hour penalty. After the penalty, they speed-walk.

The Blues ultimately join the Greens in camp and Relief. The Reds keep moving.... kicking and screaming, but moving. They set up camp down the road, and it takes them a long time, but they get fire.

Day 2 begins with the Blues taking off without saying goodbye to the Greens. Over on the Reds, Jessica needs some attention to her knee. Those problems cost them the lead. Meanwhile, the Blues are going over the mountain in the lead. The Greens are right behind.

Back with the Reds, and Jessica wants to radio for a medic. She does so. Meanwhile the Greens are going onward and upward. Alanna can't feel her hands and feet. She takes a moment... but is she coming down with hypothermia? The Blues... are stopped by Frank. Is he going to throw in a towel? Is Megan going to? Not until a Relief Drop come.

Alanna gets under a tent and we notice that her foot is bone white. She wants to continue, but is her body able? Meanwhile, over on the Reds, the medic Mark wants to take a look at Jessica's knee in the medical center. So Alterik & Jackie are continuing the trek without her. The Blues are still waiting on their relief and have fallen into last place. The Reds catch up to the Greens to take the lead. Jackie proposes an alliance with the Greens to pool resources. Mike ends up motivating Frank to continue on the race, but what will Megan say? They head ... to the next Supply Drop.

Meanwhile, Alanna spots the windsock and makes a break for it.


The Greens are first, followed by the Reds. They get a raft. The Reds still don't know whether or not Jessica is coming back. Meanwhile, all three teams set up for a tow, BUT... Brandon radios in for the Reds with the answer to their questions... "This helicopter... is here for you. Jessica suffered a fracture to her knee as well as torn ligaments. She CANNOT continue." It's GAME OVER for the Red Team.

The Greens lead on a 2.5 mile traverse down the Matukituki River. The Blues pull to the side and set up camp to rest up for the night. And Frank, who was all but ready to throw it in, finally manned up.

DAY 3 starts with renewed energy and a hike to...


... The GREEN Team is first. The GPS will no longer be of any use to you. The money is on an island in the lake. Brandon radios in for the final Supply Drop... a JET SKI.

The Greens are on the island first, followed by the Blues. But who's going to climb the mountain to the cash? The clue Brandon said... "The money is on an island in the middle of the lake."

On top of the island... is another lake. In that lake... another island. And on that island... THE MONEY! THE GREENS TAKE THE GREEN!


To see tonight's episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on the next season, go to www.nbc.com/gottalent.