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Mr. Q has questions... twenty of them. Do you have the answers?

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Cat Deeley
Mr. Q Hal Sparks
Creator Robin Burgener (based upon the electronic game)
EP Noah Bonnet
David Hurwitz
Packager Endemol USA for GSN
Origins Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 8p Sat, GSN

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Episode 5
July 18

Our favorite leggy game show hostess from across the pond has teamed up with one bad motherboard to play a little game of "What the Hell Am I Thinking About", as six players have a shot to take GSN for $25,000.

But first, we have to get to said players, so...


- Created in the '50s
- Man of many faces (Q: "A lawyer?")
- In over 12 books
- Commander in British Navy
- Works with his own Mr. Q

Tim goes with 007, James Bond. He's a fire chef. ... He's tall, and with his mother, girlfriend, and future mother-in-law.

- Began in the late 1800s
- Clinton 1st Cover 1st Lady on the cover
- Has a French version

Is it Vanity Fair? No, it's very UN-fair.

- The editor wears Prada

Is it Vogue? Kevin's right. He's a Pilates instructor.

- Fertility festival link
- Fastnacht in Germany (Q: "Gesundheit")
- 1st in American 300 years ago
- Has lots of balls (Q: "No comment."
- Masks & costumes
- French for "Fat Tuesday"

Jonathan gets Mardi Gras to round out the three. He's in home sales. That means he's in real estate. "You're gonna need the money." Sad but true...

But only one of these guys will win $5000... Who? We'll have to play another round of 20Q to figure that one out. Speaking of figuring out, here's a LANDMARK for you.

Tim: Located in US? YES.
Tim: Near water? YES.
Tim: Made by nature? NO.

Kevin: Cost over $1 million? YES
Kevin: Overlooks harbor? NO.

Jonathan: Bigger than Fenway Park? NO

Tim: Located in DC? YES.
Tim: Presidential tie? YES.

He's going with the WASHINGTON MONUMENT.... And it is NOT.

Kevin: President's home? NO.

Jonathan goes for it... is it an Abe Lincoln statue.... More specific? And... he can't be any more specific than that, so he goes with the CAPITOL... Not it.

Tim? "I think it's THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL". BOOYAH. That's five large.


- Singer
- Born in 1983
- Voted as "Sexiest Vegetarian Alive"

Jocelyn is guessing Carrie Underwood... Bingo! Jocelyn is a church coordinator.

- Founded in 1701
- Renamed in 1718
- "Handsome" bulldog

Is it Yale? It's Yale. That's Kelly, a stay-at-home mom.

- Released in 1930s
- $90,000 opening
- Turner colorized it

This lady says "The Wizard of Oz". It's one of your favorites... but it's not right.

- Original remade twice
- Almost called "The Beast"
- Jessica Lange in remake
- Started with Skull Island

And we have a ringer. Is it "King Kong"? It is! Substitute teacher John rounds out the three.

All three have won a Mattel game package, as do all of our qualifiers... But to win $5000, they'll have to discern... ANCIENT GREEK & ROMAN BYLAWS. ... Seriously, though, a FAMOUS PERSON is on deck tonight.

Jocelyn: Over 50? YES.
Jocelyn: Time Magazine Person of the Year? YES.
Jocelyn: Born abroad? NO.

Kelly: Politician? NO

John: Athlete? NO.

Jocelyn: Worth over $100 million? YES. And she pulls the trigger on BILL GATES... Logging in now!

So Jocelyn and Tim will face off for an HDTV and a chance to match wits with Mr. Q for $20,000. Tim won the toss, so he's got the honor. He chooses to go first...

... and we're dealing with a CELEBRITY.

- Woman
- Born in 1967
- Films grossed $2 Billion+
- Married a musician
- 3 kids including twins

Tim gets JULIA ROBERTS in five. Jocelyn gets it... in THREE. She gets the game, a new HDTV, and Mr. Q...

Her choices in the bonus... TRANSPORTATION and MUSICAL INSTRUMENT. She goes with TRANSPORTATION.

- Can it be used in water? NO.

Mr. Q opens up with 1745 possibilities.

- Does it fly? NO.
- Do you use it daily? NO.
- Does it carry people? YES.

Mr. Q is considering 1073.

- Can you live in it? NO.
- Do you pay to use it? YES.

That puts Mr. Q at 287 possibilities.

- Does it travel on roads? YES.

And Mr. Q is thinking about 129... and he's going to sleep now. Jocelyn is thinking "ambulance".

- Can you use it on a farm? NO.

He knocks it down to 23.

- Does it save lives? YES.

And Q has an answer. Is it AMBULANCE? Jocelyn thinks that he's got it right. So does the audience...

... and it IS an ambulance. Sorry, no extra money for her, but she played a great game up front, giving her $5000 and an HDTV.

That's all for this week, as Mr. Q is now three for five. He'll try to extend his streak to three NEXT WEEK!

To play the game online, go to