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You never know who's going to buzz in next...

Today is

Twas Three Months After Christmas (or "ANOTHER Visit From St. Howie") - December 29

Twas three months after Christmas
And how do we feel
About those five nights
Of Deal or No Deal?

Five players all vying
For one miillion bucks
They needed guts, timing,
and a whole lotta luck.

The players would pick
A case to be theirs
In hopes they'd beat the bank
Fair and square.

At the helm of the game
was Howie Mandel
Was he a good host?
It's too early to tell.

But, oh those models,
Bringing their charm
Each holding one case
In their arms.

The contestant picked one,
then eliminated six
Then the bank offered
Them money, nope, no tricks.

If the player said No Deal,
Five more cases gone.
The contestant was becoming
The Banker's pawn.

"Open the case," said Howie,
As I chose number 9
Claudia opened it.
A dollar, that's fine!

Then I get a bank offer
For 100 G's
With two cases left,
I said, "Let's deal, please!

I slammed down the button,
And took home my money...
But my case had the million.
Now isn't that funny?

Now ere we say,
As Deal pops out of sight...
"Merry Christmas to all...
And here's to five more nights!"

Johnny Orgovan would like to personally apologize to the estate of Clement Moore. E-mail him at .


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