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Seed of Trista
Chico Alexander (with special appearance by Travis as "The Chairman")

Welcome to the Seed of Trivia. This is the portion of the show where viewers send in their questions, and we go to great lengths to answer them. When we are done, the Chairman will have new trivia to evaluate. Here is today's seed.

"Chico, Chairman, hello." Hello. "I have been watching ABC for a long time, even after they cancelled Millionaire, and I was wondering what the deal was with Trista Sutter. Ever since the Bachelorette, it seems like she has been given free air time at her beck and call. And now that she's gone on the first round of Dancing with the Stars, it gets me asking: isn't America tired of her yet? I think this seed shouldn't be left on the floor alone. Thank you very much."

So today's Seed is... "The public allure of Trista Sutter's talents is..." We'llfindout! Let's take a look at the column.

Five years ago, Trista Rehn was a dancer with the Miami Heat and a physical therapist. Then came the call of "The Bachelor". A first in reality television, one person would choose another through a steady stream of eliminations. In the end of the first season, we were left with Trista and Amanda Marsh.

Trista... lost. But not for long, as she was cast as the first "Bachelorette." There, she met firefighter Ryan Sutter. He became the first winner of that franchise, which led to the first wedding of the series... and so far, the only wedding. Broadcast over three weeks as a miniseries.

Trista & Ryan became America's sweethearts, and were invited to three other reality properties: Ryan on "Fear Factor", and Trista on "Dancing with the Stars" and "Battle of the Reality TV Stars".

"Battle" has not yet aired. But Trista and Louis were one of the second-place finishers in week 1, while they quick-stepped their way to a fourth-place finish, 37 points to a last-place 30. They could have survived last week... Rachel Hunter and her partner, Jonathan, in last place... survive on the viewer's vote, leaving Trista & Louis as the first team eliminated. But does this mean that America has tired of the one-time Bachelorette?

We decide to investigate... unscientifically.

We first head to a self-proclaimed student of celebrity style. My sister. We ask her the question out right, "Are you tired of Trista Sutter yet?" Her response... "Yeah. More than you are. If that's at all possible." We then asked the only TV writer and critic we could find on short notice... "You mean after being on 'The Bachelor', 'The Bachelorette', The Miss America Pageant, "Trista & Ryan's Wedding", "Trista & Ryan's Honeymoon", and now "Dancing with the Stars"?  How could anyone be tired of her?"

Of course, two swallows don't make a summer, as anyone can tell you. So we probed deeper. The Fans of Reality TV web board.

One person writes: "I could happily live the rest of my life without seeing her on my TV again."
Another person writes: "Poor Trista, everyone is so cruel to her. I dunno but I loved her as the B'ette and on the Bach and their wedding and them on Fear Factor. And I always thought she was very bright-- she is the only one of 9 to choose the right guy/gal."

Once we eliminated posts like these, those that sway opinion, we were left with... just one post that we could use. "In Trista's defense, playing to the audience/camera is part of a ballroom dance competition. She was certainly coached to do this." We can see this as most of the camera time is focused on her and not her partner. "I do not fault her for seeking gigs on TV. It sure beats a 9 to 5, 40+ hour a week job! I do think she should go back to blonde and cut some bangs though."

Still inconclusive. We then turn to the ultimate decider. Google. We typed in "Trista Sutter" as the search term and wait... We hit 4660 times. Discarding official pages, "free nude pictures" and, of course, this page... And we're down to about 1000. We then take some terms that describe her as a person. Not necessarily as a bachelorette or as a mother or as a dancer or as a reality TV star. And we got such terms as "media whore"... "roadwhore"... and our personal favorite: "Former "Bachelorette" Trista Sutter could be on her way to becoming ABC's hottest new talent of the moment."

And them comes this treatise from an LA-based publicist: "Their celebrity is not based on achievement in the arts. It's based on (fan) acceptance. It doesn't have the same cachet. They don't fit in."  Translation, according to the USA Today article: "For an Oscar nominee and box office behemoth such as Smith, celebrity is an at-times-unwanted byproduct of his career choice. For Trista Sutter, it's the other way around: She might end up having a showbiz future only because she's already famous. And as celeb-watchers point out, the two aren't created equal."

Quoting Liz Smith, syndicated columnist: "Do I think these people are real stars? No, they're just part of this crappy C-list celebrity thing. [They] might make news, (but) they're not stars. You have to have a little talent."

New trivia has been born into this world... Thank you Jar Jar Binks of Tenafly, New Jersey!

"The public allure of Trista Sutter's talents is... nonexistent."

We have the result of the Seed, and now the Chairman will determine its level of bloom. Whenever you're ready, Chairman... Pull your lever!

*Chairman pulls lever*

It's a 42 percent bloom! Why so much?

Chairman: Finally, we have an answer.  In these days, all it takes for someone to become famous is to be on any of these dime-a-dozen dating or contest shows.  Winning isn't even important anymore, either.  Forty of those points go to the crack research team, for digging through mountains of materials, for lo those hours, trying to find any talent other than batting her eyelashes and mugging for the camera. Wait...can we take a second whack at the question?

Chico Alexander thanks Quisla and Tom for their insight, and Travis for taking the role of Chairman. Now can you please give it back? Thank you. E-mail him at


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